I Hid In My BFF Room To Hear The Most Shocking Truth





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Published on Oct 6, 2019

Everyone was trying to keep me away from the new boy, Nick. He was rumored to have a criminal record and had just been released from a juvenile detention center. But I didn’t believe the gossip. It's true that he looked a bit creepy and had his own clothing style- but wearing a black hoodie all the time doesn't mean you're a criminal! I actually felt sorry for him. Everyone was deliberately avoiding him so I decided to let him be my lab partner in chemistry class. He was friendlier than I thought and seemed harmless- at least with me. In fact, I started to like him. We even started walking to school together.
But soon people started teasing me for hanging out with him. It’s really hard for a popular girl like me to hear her friends whispering her name in the hallway. They were saying things about me hanging around with ‘some freak’. I didn't want to lose my friends for a man I had just met, I had to put my reputation first. So I decided to end our friendship. I know it sounds selfish, but it would be better for us both. At lunch break I decided to make a scene. I waited for Nick to come and sit at the same table as me. As he was about to sit down I put my backpack on the seat and told him that he should find another table to sit at- away from me! I tried so hard to not make him feel weird, but Nick walked off looking so embarrassed and he whole hall laughed at him. I felt really bad.

I told my best friend Claire and she told me not to worry. Claire and I have been friends for a year and I trust her more than anyone. Ever since she and her mum moved to the suburbs of the town, she’s been coming over to my house almost every day. Me and her have so much fun together and she even gets on well with my mum and dad. Especially my dad. Sometimes I think she gets on better with my dad than me. She always talks about how cool and funny he is. I thought for a while that she had a crush on him, but I was probably making a big deal out of nothing. It’s most likely she’s just jealous as she hasn’t got a dad of her own.

Anyway, back to Nick. The next day I thought things would get back to normal but I then noticed Nick kept glaring at me in class. Maybe he was still upset with me, but I didn't want to ask. I didn’t want to be seen talking to him.

That afternoon I was going to meet Clarie to hang out. I just needed to put some books away first. But when I got to my locker I saw it was unlocked. I knew I had locked it that morning. Someone must have broken in. But who could it be? I opened it up and looked inside. Everything looked the same as when I had left it. It was weird, what was the point of breaking in if they weren’t going to take anything? Are they trying to hassle me? Then I realised what was missing. It was a photograph of me and my Dad. I realised it must be Nick! That creep had broken into my locker and stolen a picture of me! When I told Claire she laughed and told me that I must have left it unlocked. But I wasn’t so sure. I couldn’t prove it was Nick, but I had the feeling it was.

Over the next few days other strange things happened. I kept getting calls on my phone from an unknown number and when I answered there would just be someone breathing down the phone and they would hang up. Then I got in trouble at school for not completing my English homework. I knew I had put it in my teacher’s tray, so someone must have removed it so I would get into trouble. But the weirdest thing that happened was that I kept getting junk mail through the post and loads of emails from companies I had never even heard of. Someone must have been giving my details out just to bug me. It must have been Nick trying to get his revenge on me for embarrassing him. But I couldn’t prove it.I told Claire all this but she said that maybe they were all coincidences. Lots of people get junk mail and prank phone calls, right?But then something happened which proved it wasn’t all in my head. One night I tried to log onto instagram and saw that my password had been changed. My account had been hacked! I had a look at my account. Someone had changed my profile picture to one of a woman with makeup over her face, half dressed and falling over drunk. Someone had edited the face to look just like me! I was so upset. And there were other photos on my profile too, ones taken with my webcam without my knowledge. I called Claire in tears. I didn’t know what to do, so she reported my account so the pictures would be taken down. But before it was removed I saw all of the horrible comments from people at my school. I was so embarrassed. Now I had to convince everyone it wasn't me. Could you imagine being in such an awkward situation?
The next night was the scariest incident by far. I had to stay late after school to finish an art project. By the time I left it was getting dark. As I walked home, I kept glancing behind me as I thought I heard someone near. Then I heard footsteps.


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