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Published on Aug 25, 2012

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Hello, I am Whiteboy7thst a future Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Commentator. I post all types of call of duty games including, COD4, CODWAW, COD MW2, COD BO1, COD MW3, COD BO2, COD GHOSTS and COD AW. Basically if you like call of duty gameplay, Im your number one source for anything from Call of Duty Black Ops to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I like Call of Duty Multiplayer gameplay the best. Thanks for clicking on this video! Have a good day! SUBSCRIBE! ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...
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Whiteboy7thst is a Call of Duty Multiplayer Gameplay commentator, my specialty is COD! I l love Call of duty

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Lol my step brothers uncle use to steel couches from walmart.
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+Panda he would buy something small and take it with him then he would go get a couch and walk out with it and when he got up to the doors and the alarm went off he would flash the receipt to the greeter or who ever was up there and they would never check if he actually bought it or not so he would just get a free couch lol
+keyboard Warrior even though this is years old, the question is still unanswered
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Aaron M
Lol, "when I was twelve I stole a bag of cheetos from the gas station"
i forgive ya man we r human we all make mistakes i stole something a few years i was stupid to do it, i stole a controller calculator (ik badass lol but seriously its wrong) i got through the metal detectors i felt like shit for doing it i wanted to bring it back but i was afraid i might get caught with it and to this day i still have it but i don't know where it is and i wanna bring it back
Matthew Shields
u smokn dnak m9?
Marc Dobson
I took a shower today. It was hard to sneak that thing out of Home Depot
Well, this is um, ironic. Hahaha. Hope you're doing well and somehow it all works out for you. 
Ironic Meme Cuck
My first crime was when me and my buddies went into a local drive in place were you could buy cigarettes and beer, they also had snacks and sodas. Well my buddies Avery decided to steal a pack of cigarettes... Marlboro Reds, off of the counter and without me knowing. I admit I had stolen from the place before so I though, Hey I bet I could snatch up a pack of gum and get away with it. So I took it and later my buddy showed me the cigarettes he stole. Then his mom got a message on Facebook saying that some cigarettes were missing so we confessed and they didn't know about the gum. And I told my mom later and paid the two bucks I was charged with being guilty by association and minor possession as well as theft luckily I didn't get community service so I got off easy.
It's time for some fun
I once stole a gum from the supermarket!! I was 8 years old
Sargon Oshana
my first crime was with me and my friend quazi and we went to walmart. He had a major nose bleed that wouldn't stop and we had wasted all our money and had no tissue paper or shit. we found a pack of tampons. so he had  been in the washroom for pretty long and it was still bleeding. Anyways so he got out saying, "my mom called and was wondering why we took so long to get our game". I was about to cry. So the my I distracted the guy incharge of that section quazi grabbed the box ripped it open and shoved one up there. I cried from laughter. the who was incharge said wtf. And we booked. I tripped. he saw the ripped tampon box and said "was that you" and I said. if i am kill who is" and ran away. he picked up the box and called the cops. the cops where infront if the store and didn't see us. So we went out the back and climbed to the roof. we waited there for 5 mins a helicopter spotted us and started to fire, I quickly pushed quazi out of the way and I got shot. "I said quazi go without me" and he used the tampon to bandage my wound. we got on our bikes and ran home. To this day the cops are looking for us.
Danny Mathis
my first crime was when I stole gum from a store I was bugging my mom for gum and she said no and when we walked out I still had it in my hand I got in car I asked my mom again we both recognized I still had me and my mom laughed so I just ate it. 
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