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Published on Aug 28, 2009

More Reasons NOT to Believe in God:

Reason #3 - Inconsistency

We've all heard it said: I trust the bible because it's the inherent word of god. And even if god didn't write it himself. his spirit guided the authors to write the truth.

funny. You'd think god could be a little more....consistent. according to the World Christian Encyclopedia there are 33,820 different denominations of christianity alone! which begs the question...where is this guiding spirit?

you'd think god would be able to clarify clearly whether or not the universe really began 6,000 years ago, or whether Jesus was the literal son of god or just a holy man, or whether there was such a thing as limbo. And yet, no definite answers come. No guiding spirit leads the masses to understanding. And those who often do claim to hear this guiding spirit, strangely seem to have tendencies common among...lunatics.

It would be one thing if these differences we're arbitrary. But according to most, these variations of theology constitute an eternity of damnation. Something God either cares little about...or is simply unable to DO anything about. Which should make you wonder...IS there a guiding spirit that can clarify these things or isn't there? If god can inspire an entire anthology, that is without flaw or inconsistency...what's stopping him now?

if god wants so badly for man to understand his nature, to know who he is, whether we receive eternal life through repentance or reincarnation, whether we we suffer because of forbidden fruit or because of thetans, if we need to dunk or kids heads in water, or if we shouldn't put a burka on the bishop during fornication, or if we're allowed to push buttons on Saterday! AND IF he is SO KEEN on expressing his wishes, seeing as not only has he done it before, but continues to communicate with us.

WHY have there been BILLIONS of different religions throughout history. Why has every culture ever come up with their own distinct religious beliefs? Why has NO culture in history ever independently come up with the same belief as another? Why do Most times one culture even develop multiple religious beliefs? Why do those beliefs expand, and change and give birth to new beliefs, and new denominations, and mix with others, until it forms the endless web of religions and denominations we see today. WHY, if god is really trying to communicate his supreme truth with the world...why is he so bad at it?

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