Islamic Miracle, Quran Iron Core Miracles معجزات القرآن الكريم





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Uploaded on Sep 15, 2009

Islamic Miracle, Iron Core in the Quran. Islam for Dummies.
Islamic miracles iron core quran Koran

معجزات القرآن الكريم - معجزات الله تعالى - الحديد حديد
وَأَنزَلْنَا الْحَدِيدَ
Today, we will be talking about the remarkable correlations between the scientific properties of Iron, and the mention of Iron in the Quran.

FIRST We will compare the Quranic chapter named The Iron with the scientific evidence about iron. Lets watch how the earth was formed. 57:25 { and We sent down iron, in it (there is) great strength }. And the 4th verse from this same chapter (which is named The Iron ) confirms the literal interpretation of the iron being physically sent down. { (He) Knows what enters into the earth, and what comes out from it, and what comes down from the sky, and what ascends therein }.
Not only does the Quran state the fact iron was sent down, but remarkably, The Iron chapter is in the center of the Quran (ch 57 of 114), just like the Iron core is in the center of the earth. Let's watch another demonstration
57:25 { great strength and benefits to mankind }. Ronald Mirman explains the benefits of earth's iron core in his book Our Almost Impossible Universe : Iron is the main element of the core of the earththe earth has a magnetic field, at best difficult if there was little iron. It has many effects; one is to keep cosmic rays and the solar windfrom hitting the earth destroying life.
He also explains the benefits and strength of iron. We exist because of properties of iron and of physical laws that give it the greatest binding energy the most tightly bound of all nuclei Our earth has iron, a suitable amount not too little, not too much.
Furthermore, Iron is a vital constituent of plant and animal life and works as an oxygen carrier in hemoglobin. http://periodic.lanl.gov/elements/26....
As a result, even though all metals are formed in space, the Quran correctly emphasizes the strength and benefits of iron, whose unique properties are essential for life on earth.

SECOND We will examine 4 of the astonishing numerical codes in The Iron chapter of the Quran.
1) The numerical (abjad) value of this chapter's title, Al Hadeed is 57, which matches its chapter number in the center of the Quran like the iron in the center of the earth.
2) The numerical (abjad) value of the word iron Hadeed is 26, which is iron's atomic number (26), or its number of protons.
When we count the basmala (opening verse), considered by many scholars to be a numbered verse, we get:
3) the 25th verse stating that the iron was sent down increases to 26, which again coincides with irons atomic number.
4) the chapters total 29 verses increase to 30, which is the number of neutrons irons most abundant isotope (Fe56).
In summary, the Quran contains stunning numerical codes for: The Iron chapter in the center of the Quran (like the iron in the earths core), irons atomic number in two instances, and the number of neutrons in irons most abundant isotope.

THIRD We will examine the false claims of people trying to refute this verse.
Opponents of Islam claim that the un-earthly origin of all iron was common knowledge in the 7th century. But this is a fabrication. The dominant scientific views in the 7th century belonged to the Greeks, whose philosophy favored an eternal universe, in which everything (including the elements on earth) always existed. More importantly, the dominant Greek belief was that all matter is composedof four elements: air, earth, fire, and water The Greek concept of an element was accepted for nearly 2,000 years. This included Arab chemists, whose work was based on these 4 elements, and especially Aristotle's idea, that one kind of matter could be changed into another.
False Claim #1.As we just learned, the dominant view was that of the Greeks, that all matter formed on earth from the 4 elements. Furthermore, this false statement is an insult to pioneering scientists like Fred Hoyle, who was the first to theorize (in 1946) that collections of very hot nuclei in stars can assemble into iron. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/scienceshow/...
False Claim #2But contrary to this claim, it is actually the MINORITY view among scholars, that meteoric iron accounted for the main iron use of ancient Egypt, according to gizapyramid.com/meteorite.htm, which also states. Forbes said that Meteoric iron could never be a great factor in the rise of metallurgy More scholars today tend to agree with Forbes. The fact is, while a few PRE Iron Age societies did use traces of meteoric iron, all Iron Age societies extracted their iron from ORE, which are rocks and minerals coming from the earth itself.


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