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Published on Jun 5, 2010

Molly gets groomed

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Tayler Haguewood
I work at Petsmart, and I've only groomed for a year since February. Everyone has different grooming styles. Just because someone works at Petsmart as a groomer, doesn't mean they're negligent or under educated. I've had my fair share of horror stories about Mom and Pop shops around that people vowed never to return to because they were too aggressive with their dog. I have two people who request me now due to that fact. Your passion decides what you are in the grooming industry and how they look, not where you work. 
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Tayler Haguewood working at petsmart isn't something to be proud of. I am a certified professional dog groomer who works with anxious, aggressive, and elderly dogs. I've been asked multiple times to become a regional grooming trainer for Toronto, York region, and Georgina at petsmart, to help improve the health, safety, and the environment for the dogs. A large number of my clients need grooming rehabilitation (teaching the dog they can trust groomers again) after being groomed at petsmart. The two week training they give their grooming employees isn't enough. I went to school for two years to be legally and professionally certified. If grooming is your passion, please get the proper training so you do not scare or injure an animal.
Callum FFC
Tayler Haguewood have u seen the way they treat overpopulation at pets smart go get a better job
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butter is sexy
I took my dog to petsmart for grooming, and it came back with no balls 
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Alek Herrera
Lorana __ wait the hairballs or testicles
Lorana __
I think they mean that petsmart makes like a girly hair cut. lol I doubt the dog actually got its balls cut off xD
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Stephanie tuten
wow an actual groomer at petsmart that knows wth she is doing.there is hope yet
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Stephanie tuten so right
Stephanie tuten
BabeBrownie its not a rude assumption it is a genuinely glad to see a positive video for a change. so many times I have seen them swinging the dog around. That's why I said there is hope yet.
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Tayanna Renee
what petsmart is this? I see lots of policy breaks...ijs. #IworkAtPetSmartToo 
Tayanna Renee the loop not around the neck, no smock, she's letting herself be recorded and what not lol
Thomas Chaplin
wow she looks good, that groomer looked like she was doing a hack job, but turned out good for a petsmart groomer
Thomas Chaplin "for a petsmart groomer"? If petsmart groomers were so horrible petsmart wouldn't have a grooming section rude
Firepelters Wolfplay
some other dogs weren't so lucky..
Hella McBunButt
At least the groomer there was nice.
Dajah Nicole
i loved how she jumped out the bag lol … too cute
As groomers, we have a difficult job because we are constantly critiqued in our professional field. Groomers complain about it all the time. However, we strive to give the owners what they want which is a haircut that best works for them and their pet. So haircuts vary...from pet to pet...and owner to owner. So why are groomers some of the worst offenders of what they complain about so often? We are often the most heartless critics! Geez people! The owners were often very happy with their dogs haircut. It appears they got exactly what they asked for. 
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Michael Jander
+fresca bee Hi fresca bee. I support YugiDash's reply to you below. Please see my reply to him/her(?!) I was interrupted during my response and started corresponding as if replying to you at some point! Apologies for the confusion but I'm sure you'll work it out! :o-)
Michael Jander
+YugiDash Good advice mate! Particularly the bit on talking in a reassuring manner: calmly, in low tones, keeping eye contact. After all, if a stranger approached one of us and suddenly raised a pair of scissors near our faces without any explanation, I'd bet the farm we'd all react rather badly! So like with all interaction and training of your dog, the conditioning process YugiDash recommends will be invaluable in reducing the dog's apprehension (it won't be a first time experience for it when it foes to the groomers) and more importantly I think it will take away YOUR apprehension - I sense that you are (not without good reason, as you now your dog)  perhaps anticipating a bad experience, which kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy - but when you see your dog starting to relax with the scissors around during your coaching sessions, you'll relax and the whole spiral will evaporate. Good luck, sounds like your dog is lucky in the owner it has chosen! :o-)
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Onna R.
Can someone please tell me what kind of dog this is, my cousin just gave me one but she black and she looks exactly like that one! 
Jaiden Posey
It's a shih tzu
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