Spending All My Time Ep.5 Mitchie/Alex Story





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Published on Feb 7, 2011


On Saturday-Mitchie's House-

"Ready?" Mitchie asked. "Yes and you?" Lilly said. "Let's go is Justin ready?" Mitchie asked. The girls went downstairs to check. "You ready Justin?" Mitchie asked. "I've been ready for 30 minutes" Justin said.

"Oh..well let's go then" Lilly said. They go to Mitchie's car. They arrive at Nick's house. "Hey" Nick said. "Hey" they said. Mitchie came in a wanted to find Alex. Nick rushed over to Alex's side once he saw Mitchie turning her way.

"Hey babe" Nick said to Alex. "Hey" Alex said forcing a smile. "Why don't you get punch?" Nick said noticing Mitchie. Alex went to the punch bowl. "Where's Alex?" Mitchie asked. "Why do you care?" Nick smirked.

"Just tell me" Mitchie said. "Tell you what?" Alex asked walking over to them. "Where to get punch" Mitchie said. "Oh here have mine I didn't drink any yet" Alex said handing Mitchie the cup.

Mitchie just touched Alex's fingertip but felt a spark.

Mitchie's POV

I'm I this crazy for her? I just touched her fingertip and I'm hooked.

End Of POV

Mitchie was drinking the punch. Nick gave her a smirk then pulled Alex in for a kiss. Mitchie spit out the punch that was in her mouth on Nick. "Why'd you do that for?" Nick smirked.

Mitchie ran trying to hold in tears. Alex pulled Nick aside. "Why'd you kiss me?" Alex asked. "'Cause we're together" Nick said trying to pull Alex into another kiss. "No we're not!" Alex said furious pulling away from Nick.

Alex ran to catch up to Mitchie but Mitchie was gone. Alex tried running to Mitchie's house.

Back At The Party

Alyson walked up stairs looking for the bathroom. She opened a door to find Nick and Miley making out. "Why are you with Justin if your with Nick?!" Alyson said confronting them.

"I think we all know that answer" Miley said walking downstairs with Nick. Alyson ran downstairs and out the door to her car.

With Alex

She was running out of breath. "Need a lift?" Alyson asked pulling up next to Alex. "Sure. Thanks" Alex said going in the car. "Where to?" Alyson asked. "Mitchie's house" Alex said "Why'd you leave the party?"

"Too complicated" Alyson said remembering Justin. "Oh" Alex said thinking about Mitchie. They arrived at Mitchie's house. "Well...bye" Alex said. "Bye" Alyson said going to her house.

Alex knocked on the door lightly. Mitchie opened the door with her mascara running down her cheeks. "You okay?" Alex said softly.



Hope you liked it! Did you? Happy early Valentine's Day! Ep.6 real soon


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