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Published on Sep 18, 2012

Romney used SLAVE LABOR YOUNG GIRLS IN CHINA FOR HIS BAIN CAPITAL Romney Silent on Bain in China There could be more damage to Mitt Romney than just the now-infamous "47 percent" remark. The Obama campaign on Monday attacked the Romney camp LEAKED VID ROMNEY CHINA BAIN CAPITAL video cam camera tape secret hidden LEAKED VID ROMNEY CHINA BAIN CAPITAL video cam camera tape secret hidden over a leaked campaign video where the Republican nominee brags about touring a Chinese factory as president of Bain Capital—and Romney's campaign gave an official "no comment" on the story. In the video Romney describes the company as having crowded workers into crowded dormitories behind barbed wire while paying them only a pittance compared with American wages. Romney's had a somewhat strained relationship with China, a point Vice President Joe Biden hit hard on the campaign trail on Monday, quoting the Chinese state media criticizing Romney's claims of a hard line on trade between the two countries.
leaked vid romney china bain capital video cam camera tape secret hidden vid raise chinese sweatshop sweat shop slave workers forced labor latino mexican leaked fund raising recording record Romney Hidden Video Mother Jones raiser "mitt romney" mitt romney barack obama election 47% forty seven percent 47 hates racist sexist homophobic "Barack Obama" "Racism (Quotation Subject)" News dependent hand-out handout hand out viral response brag bragging Mitt Romney suggested 47% of Americans were government-dependent 'victims' who did not pay taxes. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is in turmoil after he was secretly recorded suggesting that 47% of Americans were government-dependent "victims" who did not pay taxes. The video, recorded a few months ago at a behind-closed-doors fundraising event, has been published by Mother Jones with election day seven weeks away. Some of the other figures associated with the story

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OMG!! I'VE GOT to memorize your slew of what you call Mitt Rob Me. "Racist, sexist, homophobic, draft-dodging, tax evading, flip-flopping, liar, along with a Mormon Cult Member, bigoted, arrogant,and at the end of the credits...THIEF. That pretty much sums it up, although you also need to include the most important thing that will destroy America, and that he's a PUPPET FOR THE ELITE. He will get in power and cater to only those with MONEY! Beware. If u vote 4 him, u will get what you deserve.
Justin Case
In other word, you AGREE that Romney did well to conceal his lies that he told during the 1st debate. During the 2nd debate, Pres. Obama didn't give him such a pass....!! #Obama/Biden2012
Evan Fisher
Not only did Romney not put his silver foot in his mouth, Obama came out looking like an idiot. Well looks like you we wrong there buddy. Have fun misinterpreting more videos!!
"That's right Mr. American. People line up outside of our factory because they're SO anxious to come to work here and stay in tiny rooms with dirty, small bathrooms and be under armed guard 24/7 and work the whole time they're awake." 
Jeff Autrey
Wow, hoping to be slaves in Romneyland... 
Oh yeah, I am looking forward to sneaking in to work for Romney's factory where I can live in an apt with 11 other people working 20 hrs a day all sharing 1 bathroom with armed guards lurking around. This is my dream job! 
It's strange to listen to this speech after watching Les Mis. I can hear a Chinese Fantine singing, "I dreamed a dream in time gone by..." I am so shocked! This is the first time I heard this story. My GOD! Even after the election, I say there is still a lot of work to be done to end this nonsense. Thank you, MeWrongLy for bringing this to my attention. 
The jukebox
This guy misrepresents what Romney said in a huge way. Romney states he wants to keep America as a place oppressed people can come to.
write4yourlife now
The reason the U.S. has no jobs is not because of Romney using China labor for his own company's use. It's because of Clinton signing the free trade documents allowing China to bring their merchandise here.When that happened, China products were allowed in mass for the first time into the U.S. Labor is cheap there, and their products are cheap to buy here. U.S. companies couldn't compete, and that's why jobs went away in this country, in very large part. Clinton's backing Obama.Think about it.
Marcus War
Nothing moves you claim real but isn't ass
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