Snowgoons ft Apathy, Celph Titled & Antihelden - Jesus Gun (Cutz by DJ Danetic) VIDEO)




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Published on Dec 22, 2014

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Album-Mix, Album-Master & Album-Audiodesign by Johann Sebastian Kuster at Black Snow Studio Berlin:


Against (all) - I'd slaughter a American Eagle live on stage, because I got filled up with gas/fuel (Wordplay: in German the words for gas and liquor can be used in the same way) like a gas tank. SirQlate. No Beef. I will send a whole team of thai boxing dudes to fuck u up. Like a hooker with herpes I got no head for this (Wordplay: in German "I got no head" means "I got more important things to do, than to think about minor problems" so herpes/no blowjob - not giving head) all of you (rappers) are politically involved like a writer's block (Wordplay: Criticism on rappers im Germany for not beeing politically active / not making statements about whats going on / the word for a writer's block in German is similar to a sit-in - to protest against something / but a writer's block of course is not an action or protest in any way) or batik bags (in German many left-wing wannabes had batik bags to show that they were kinda tolerant left-wing people but in most cases they just bourgeois) I'm making Molotov Cocktails out of Ardbeg Whisky bottles. When it comes to "whistle blower" you guys are talking about Flo Rida (because of his radio hit single with that blow my whistle shit) but it is really about "giving rights" like in Thor Steinar Stores (hard to translate wordplay: "Einräumen von Rechten" in German can be used with a double meaning - 1. giving rights / entitle someone like having more freedom to decide 2. Rightists / Nazi / radical right-wing filling shelves / putting something in the right place. Thor Steinar is a Nazi brand, in Thor Steinar stores you can buy clothes, that only Nazis wear.) I see permanent lying and always submissive snitches behaving like topless bitches at a drug lords drug lab - the rap / hip hop scene (today)? Its only wannabe hard stuff in lines sold to Kids (wordplay: cocaine/lines - stuff/drugs) sounds paradox like to "go in a sit down strike" (wordplay: in German it means kinda walk and sit at the same time)


First and most important. If I hear you guys say "Swag or Yolo" just one more time, I dare you, than your last press picture will be a picture from your funeral. Don't pretend to be a drug lord like Walt White if in real life you are just a paper boy. Yesterday your lyrics were about hardbody street shit - today its borderline Emo Rock music. Antihelden, its music for oldschool hip hop heads. Critics are like people who can not swim - they are going to shut up. (Wordplay: in German "halt den Rand" means to hold yourself at the edge of a pool to not drawn and to shut up) your ass doesn't need no stick, this isn't Nordic Walking (wordplay: in German there is a saying: "To have a stick into ones ass" wich just means that one is very very politically "over the top" correct) when we go out drinking people confuse it with water boarding. German rappers paying attention to body building, making their eye brows and sucking dicks for promotion. In the middle of indie bands, instagram and Bansky paintings - all of your idols doing selfies using smart phone filter. You are so wack, all of you.



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