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An Open Letter to Brahma Kumaris and 3 Pointers that will Change Your Life Forever





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Published on Apr 25, 2019

This is an open letter resent and written on behalf of your family, loved one, spouse, relative, colleague, associate, college mate, your best friend, or someone who is genuinely concerned about you and your involvement with Brahma Kumaris.

Dear Brahma Kumaris,

Your family and friends do not know how to talk to you.
All I know is your family and friends LOVE YOU.
Your family misses you.
They care so much about you.
Your family actually maybe thinking that you may be manipulated by BKs, or that you maybe wasting your life away. But are you really wasting your life away?

Always remember BLOOD is thicker than water.
This letter may have been translated from English.

Firstly, you likely do not know who I am.
I was like you a BK – a super “pakar” (strong and strict in BK discipline) BK who secretly believed I had an excellent chance to be in the Top 50 in the Highest 108 Rosary. (note: I’ll be using many Hindi terms used in BK with English translation).

You see, I was the World’s Second Chinese BK to join Brahma Kumaris in 1979.
I was introduced to BKWSU (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University) by my brother Tom Chen whose ex-wife is Sister Maureen Chen. I co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia with Tom in 1981. You can read about my #BKMeToo Testimonial.

I feel responsible that I brought many people to accept BK, and personally trained many powerful pakar BK Teachers who spread BK movement around the world. I want to make it right, and share my #MeTooBK experience with those I brought to Shiva Baba, the God of Brahma Kumaris.

Secondly, let me share my wonderful experiences in my 10 years with BKs.
After hearing Baba’s “Murli” (flute, daily class), my “lokik” (physical) brother Tom drove down from Sydney to Melbourne to tell me the bad news and the good news.

The bad news is Baba has warned BKs that their families will be extremely upset with them if BKs do not reveal that the world will end soon at the end of “Kali Yuga” (Iron Age).

The good news is Shiva Baba, God has come to Earth since 1936 at the start of “Sangam Yuga” (Confluence Age) and one of his key roles is to take all souls back to the Soul World and re-start the 5,000-year Cycle again identically. Baba says all souls must go back to the Soul World before each soul will come down in a specific time in the 5,000-year Cycle depending how pure the soul becomes in Confluence Age.

Only 900,000 BK souls will come down and become 100% perfect Deities at the beginning of the upcoming “Sat Yuga” (Golden Age, Heaven on Earth; circa 2,964 BC to 1,714 BC) only in “Bharat” (India). Brahma Baba who died in 18th January 1969 will become the First Perfect Deity called Krishna who then become First Narayan, the First King of Golden Age.

All non-BKs will come after Silver Age (circa 1714 BC to 464 BC) in Copper Age (circa 464 BC to 786 AD) or Iron Age (786 AD to 2036 AD) into their respective Religions. According to Shiva baba the earlier the religion in history the purer the religion e.g. Buddha/ Buddhism (480 BC to 400 BC) is a much purer religion than Muhammad/ Muslim (570 to 632).

Tom shared the key concepts of the 7-day BK course in 2 hours only. We sat in open-eyed meditation and I had a wonderful experience and saw an aura around Tom’s head. He immediately took me to Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Fitroy, Melbourne where I met Brother Charlie who became my BK mentor.

Sensing that I was very interested to do BK world service, Didi Dr. Nirmala fast-tracked me to go to Madhuban to meet Bapdada after only 3 months in “Gyan” (BK knowledge) – even though I was not fully following the “Maryadas” (strict BK discipline like 4am meditation, vegetarian).

Read Why I Joined & Left Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation: https://robertchaen.com/2017/09/29/28...

By now, you should get a good sense from the last few paragraphs that I’m not questioning the VALIDITY of both my and your many wonderful personal experiences with Shiva Baba, Bapdada, Dadis, Madhuban, retreats, personal efforts and service, and with friendship with the many wonderful BKs.

Both my and your experiences with Baba are real for sure.

Click link to Robert’s ORIGINAL OPEN LETTER to BKs: https://robertchaen.com/2019/04/23/59...

Listen to Soundcloud Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/robertchaen/an...
Watch YouTube video: https://tinyurl.com/y28uwv9y
Watch Facebook video: https://tinyurl.com/y284yxek

Warmest regards,
Whisperer Robert Chaen
International Cult Expert
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia, Ex-BK (1979-1989)


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