50 YEARS OF GAMING - Graphical Evolution from 1958 to 2011!





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Published on Jul 26, 2011

See how gaming has changed in this vdeo including one of the best video games of all time like Super MArio Bros., Final Fantasy VII, GTA, and many more!
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Where is Doom? And where is Castlevania IV? And where the heck is Crysis? And GTA IV?
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Justin Noker
+InfinityCraft ok... just... what is the universe telling us man?
David Garner
+InfinityCraft Most importantly - where's Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots!
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Proxima Centauri
Seriously? 2007 you put fuckign ass fuckign creed? CRYSIS MAN. CRYSIS. Did you miss something?
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+Proxima Centauri Oh Crysis! You mean that game trilogy that even if you have the best GPU ever, it's gonna be all shitty? Mmmmm... Nah, I prefer to stick with my Quake 4.
@blackcat read the title of the video you are watching. It says "graphical evolution" any being with a functioning brain would realize this video is about best graphics by year. And not best overall game by year. If you think cod had better graphics then crysis in 2007 I would have to doubt that youve ever played both games. 
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Seriously? you mentioned 3 final fantasy games, but it never occured to you to mention oh I don't know... Grand Theft fucking Auto IV! or Battlefield! what about COD? Saints Row? no? just had to have 3 final fucking fantasy ones in there...
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Bro firstly I love cod and halo, however those games, as good as they are , were not graphically innovative for their time. 
Final fantasy 7 does deserve to be on this list though. it was some of the best graphics for its time.
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Ash Ketchum (AshGurungM892)
thumbs up if your watching this in 2014 :I
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Stanislav BANDUR
I watching this in 2015, but leave gaming in 2000 +- 
Jacob Griffin
I like the music in this video and I was wondering what it was called. (PS. I think people like AllTime10s were wrong about the thumbs up sign being offensive, how gullible of me)
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sooo uhhh. Crysis?
Where the fuck was halo and battlefield 
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Pimpin Platypus
Tribes and planetside are god-tier.
fuck your halo and battlefield . fuck cod ,fuck crysis .
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Kinda hard to really see how good or bad the games really are/were when everything is only 360 dpi. Plus I think there's been better graphic games in 2000 then this video shows.
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The video was uploaded 2011 what do you expect?
+DepressionBM  I never said i don't know that it is, I just said that this video is only in 360 dpi, but i didn't know until now that video just use p but it's still basically the same thing. It's a measurement of pixels except 360p is only pixels high nothing about the width and dpi is the dot per inch which is the pixels. So yeah i did mean p, of which i just noticed that's actually what youtube uses. But older computers of mine used dpi for resolution for screen and videos, so it's just a new term of an old concept. But thank you for correcting my mistake.
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480p? Seriously?? This is a GRAPHICAL evolution showcase! Also, where's Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Max Payne, Battlefield and Giants Citizen Kobuto??? They were all well ahead of their time graphically for their release years.
anonym musiteufel
What about Duke Nukem, Doom, Quake or Hexen? What about Tanks? It was the first FPS ever..
What about no?
El callejero
Where is Half-life 1 WHERE IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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