Duel weilding!..Antiform?





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Published on Nov 1, 2007

You saw it here first folks. :D

First of credit to BloodyJab\Evilman for thinking up this and for makeing one of the codes that makes it necessary.

This actuly wasent intentional. XD; Evil was telling me that Antiform crashed whenever you tried to give it another moveset. He figured it had something to do with the 'Antiform dummy' (an invisible keyblade it uses that crashes if you equpt it to normal sora) so I used a code he made to put a differnt keyblade in its place, and gave it Finals moveset. If it worked we were expected Anti to come out with a keyblade. Well it worked.. too good because we got two. XD

Final-Anti is killer! It combines Antiforms spastic attacks with the reach and power of a keyblade. If you can get a good hit on your enemy you can inflict MAJOR dammage. (At 1:10ish I managed to take 7! whole bars off! )

Not only that, it helps remove one of antiforms weaknesses, although I had the Infinate HP cheat on (I never got the test the code earler so i asumed id need it) if you noticed I only got 2 points knocked of my little counter thing. Almost all of Antis attacks deflect and stun the enemy.

All in all this is a pretty sweet code! You never T stance or anything. I recomend this to anyone with a cheat device.

What you need for this to work.
Firstly the moveset mod for Anti to have Finals Moveset.

200F9000 10400005
200F9004 944F004C
200F9008 24010001
200F900C 142F0002
200F9010 240F0005
200F9014 A44F004E
200F9018 03E00008
201D348C 0803E400

This is a jokerd code for sora to become Antiform (because some places need reaction commands to enter)Press and hold L2 while walking onto a new map.
E001FEFF 0034D45C
11C6CC20 00000059

And this to make Antis second weapon the oathkeeper. (can be changed if you want)
1032EF3C 000002A

Note these codes are for Final Mix, but it can be done in regular Kingdom hearts. (I asume anyway) Most of the kh2 verstions can be found at www.kh-vids.net in the Code Vault (ask in the right topic!)


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