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Irish Flute + Tin Whistle & Guitar

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Pubblicato il 10 set 2006

The tunes are: Ryan's (also known as Cathal McConnell’s) / Farewell To Whalley Range / The Ashplant
The first tune is on our album! (recorded in Bm and entitled "Cathal McConnell’s").

Two videos in one.
I used headphones to play in time.
Two slip jigs and one reel.
Thanks to my friend for editing this video.

(By the way, I really love the second slip jig, composed by Michael McGoldrick. One of my favorite tunes).

*TinWhistler is ten years old! :) If you've enjoyed our music on YouTube for the past 10 years and would like to support TinWhistler, why not become our official patrons? :D Check out our Patreon page:

*PJ is now giving private whistle lessons (via Skype). So if you'd like to start learning the tin whistle or improve your technique, please email us to our Gmail ("PJTinWhistler") or send us a private message on our Facebook page.

*Remember our first album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify... and Bandcamp:

*Stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

*JJ has just released his solo album. Please 'like' his new FB page, here:

*Our father is a painter, he paints traditional landscapes from our homeland. Please 'like' his FB page, here:

Thanks for watching!

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