Comes A Memory That Lasts (Niley Story) Ep. 6





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Published on Jul 20, 2009

I'm sorry I didn't post since the 12th
but when I got home friday I was so tired it was early in the morning.
I'm still tring to bounce back but here it is.

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This episode is dedicated to everyone who
commented on any episode while I was off in New York!
Which are:

The girls were stunned

Selena: Wait, what?

Miley: Did he just say?

Demi: I'm not sure I heard correctly.

Joe: Oh but I'm sure you did! I said it was all a joke!

The guys started laughing again. The girls were infuriated at the guys for playing them like that but,
mostly at themselves for falling for it.
Without them noticing, the girls snuck away from the guys.

Miley: I can't believe we fell for something as stupid as that.

Demi: I know! We acted all shallow like Meaghan or Chelsea.

Selena: Yeah drooling over their *daydreaming* perfect, tanned,
muscular bodi... WHAT AM I SAYING!

Miley: Chickas, don't worry we just need to regroup.
*grinning* I know just how to do it.

(With JB)

The boys finally stop laughing.

Kevin: Hey where'd they go?

Nick: They were just standing right there.

Joe: *notices them coming back* Oh but they are back.
*smirks* I see you ladies came back. You just can't get enough can you?

Demi: *pretends to laugh with Miley and Selena* haha are you guys for real?

Selena: Yeah we were just acting.

Miley: You see, we didn't want to hurt your feelings. I mean with those bodies
you must not get girls.

Nick: Ugh *holds his hand to his heart* We are deeply hurt.

Kevin: *to his bros* Yeah I thought we had a little game.

Selena: You've got to be kidding me.

Kevin: What?

Selena: Game? News flash no one says "game" anymore!

Kevin: Oh really? *gets closer to Sel*

Selena: Yeah I said it didn't I *gets closer to Kev*

They are now standing less than 2 inches away.

Nick and Joe exchange looks while Miley and Selena giggle to themselves.

Demi: Uh Sel it's time to go. Remeber the party at Mi's today.

Miley: Yeah *to JB* Hey you guys are welcome to come if you want.

Nick: That sounds awesome. We should ask our mom first.

Miley: We understand we'll go with you.

Nick: That's not such a good idea because we just moved in and it's a bit of a mess.

Miley: Wait. You said you just moved in?

Nick: Yeah in that neighborhood Highland Park.

Miley: No way! That's where we live. You must be my neighbor.

Demi: *whispers to Selena* You were right about the 3 cute guys
moving in!

Selena: *whispers back* I told you!

Kevin: Well let's go then.

They skated to their neighborhood talking about random things.

(With Niley)

Miley: Don't forget your swimming trunks we have a pool in the backyard.

Nick: We do too!

Miley: Yeah every house on this block does!

(With Jemi)

Joe: Wait, so Mr. T really ate your sister?

Demi: *sarcastic*Yeah, I saw it with my own eyes!

Joe: *scared* Oh

(With Kelena)

Kevin: You know you have really pretty eyes.

Selena: Thanks *smiles*

When they get to the Jonas house the boys ask if they can go to Miley's family party.
Denise says yes and they are now at Miley's house.

Miley: Mom! I'm home!

Tish: Hey girls! *notices JB* Oh hello
What are your names?

Miley: Oh mom this is Nick, Joe and Kevin.
We met them at the skatepark. They're actually our new neighbors!

Tish: Well it's nice to meet you boys. Welcome to the neighborhood.

JB: Thank you.........

Tish: Call me Tish. *smiles*
Miles, Taylor should be here in about an hour, so I'm going to go pick up
a few things at the market especially since we're having more guests.

Miley: Ok. Is there anything you need me to do while you're gone?

Tish: No Taylor wanted to do the cooking, so you can just hang out.
*grabs her keys and leaves*

Miley: Come on let's go to the backyard.

They head to the backyard and find it decorated with streamers and balloons.
Their was also a table of snacks.

Selena: You're mom did an awesome job. Is Billy working late again?

Miley: I think so, but he should be here when Taylor comes.

Joe: Who's Billy?

Demi: Oh that's Miley's step-dad.

Nick: Who's Taylor? *kinda jealous*

To be continued.........................

1. Who's Taylor?
2. What happened to Miley's real father?
3. Are you gonna see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
4. Are you going to a concert this summer? Which one?

My answers:
1. Can't say yet.
2. Can't say yet
3. Yes, I think in like 2 weeks
4. I'm going to the Jonas Brother's concert in SA, Texas on August 13th!

That's basically it for now
I hoped you liked this episode! :)



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