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Published on Sep 20, 2011

No hate - Just love

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Tyler Skates
I feel like I need more scars on my body is that bad
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I am here for you. I've gone through it. It sucked. But I too, like you, felt I needed even more scars. Big fat, deep purple ones. It's not a bad thing. It shows how much you are hurting. What I just said above this, is something that people SHOULD say, not: "That's terrible. People have it worse", that does not help. What helps is all these kind comments people are making and knowing people care. I hope you all are finding ways to smile and staying strong. <3
Teigan Humber
Tyler Skates Same I Don't Want To Stop! I Don't Want Help Because It Is My Help, It Takes Away All the Pain, It's Like my therapy. It's Soothing, relaxing 😢
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Swegasus Jamaa
It's crazy how the kids in my class have a school wide joke, about people cutting their wrists. As a self harmer, I'm really offended by that... One kid in my class pretends to be "suicidal" and pretends to cut his wrists, and scribbles red marker on his arms and shows the whole class, "Look! I cut my wrists". They think it's a joke. Depression/anxiety isn't a joke, kids. :(
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Swegasus Jamaa ikr i complain too my friend but she dosnt know why i get annoyed so much
Kaitlyn Zembower
Swegasus Jamaa i know exactly how you feel
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Amy Michelle
I watched this. I cried because of the music. I cried because I have gotten to the point where I need to see this. I cried because every single one of those quotes described my situation perfectly.
Aidan Koenig
Suellyn Nelson
I self harmed once and still do, the first time people found out, this time nobody does. I smile, but it's just a face, I'm really screaming for help inside and nobody sees that, why?
Miss Infires
isn't sad when you see others living their amazing lives, smiling, laughing, joking, and you're here stuck in this awful life which is so cruel to you. You just wanna go, up there, somewhere better, happier. And you imagine people's reaction to your death very often. just like what I do, every single day.
Anna Weslock
Each time I drag a blade across my wrist, and watch the blood slowly start to pour, I pray for the courage to press down more. My most relatable quote
Iron thoughts
I'm 15 I need help pleas I'm screaming inside I need someone any one
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melody jones
I am sorry for whatever pain you are going through if you ever need to talk email me I would love to help you get through whatever you are going through please dont give up please dont hurt yourself
Diana Creech
+Keykey Armour No prob honestly tho
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Amy Michelle
Hello lovely people! I'm Amy. I suffer from major depression and anxiety disorder. I have had depression for 6 years now. I was diagnosed 2 years ago after a suicide attempt that left me in a mental hospital for 8 days. I have been through a lot. I have been through more than most 13 year olds should have/ have gone through. It sucks. It really really sucks having mental disorders. They screw up your perception on life. They screw up your life in general. I know how damn hard it is. But please, I beg of you, keep fighting. I know you are hurting and you just want to let go. You don't want to have to be strong anymore. I know you are tired but, please love, keep fighting. It will get better. It may take weeks, months, years, but it does get better. You are gonna relapse and that is perfectly fine, as long as you keep going. Try to stop self-harming. I know how hard it is, I have only been clean for a month but every second counts. Except that you have a mental disorder and get pissed at it. Have a giant tantrum about how sucky your mind is making your life and how you wish your depression, anxiety, anorexia, etc. would go to hell. Cry all night. Kick, and scream, and break things. Everything you hurt or break can be replaced, you can't be. We are proof that you can go through hell and come out an angel. Stay strong my loves💕
Nick Hauck
Amy Michelle that sucks I'm nick I'm 12 and feel sad and depressed all the time keep fighting
Laventure Heart
Amy Michelle You're amazing
Shayla Cook
why do people think that there so perfect when really no one's perfect I live in a shitty life with no one to talk to because they think that there perfect
can_we_look_at_ the_stars
I had a guy friend who was my first kiss but when I told him about how I cut he left me for my best friend we are still friends but today he told me he would not associate with me except for the fact that without him I would have been dead 3 years ago and when I ramble he never listens. no one cares about my issues, I went back to cutting today and the mental pain is still worse than the physical pain.... 😔😢😭
Blake Rogers
Hey, you're amazing and so much better than that blade. You shouldn't hurt yourself, Idek you and it hurts me knowing that you feel like you're worthless....you're not worthless. You mean the world to somebody even if you don't see it or believe it. Okay? Keep your head held high because it's gonna be okay. It'll get better love. I promise. ❤️
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