Chinese Dumplings, Gyoza, 中國鮮豬肉黃牙白菜餃子 Gao Zhi Part 1




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Published on Jun 14, 2009

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Chinese and english recipe/ instructions below:

豬肉碎 黃牙白 麵粉
麵粉 500 克 先濾過, 17. 6 oz
溫水 350 ml 左右, 11. 8 fl oz
麵粉在盆內加入2/3 溫水,用筷子拌勻,隨少再加入其它水,如還乾再加多些水,用手楺麵糰不黏手,蓋碟在面 10 分鐘,令麵糰休息

餡: 可用牛肉,羊肉或什菜素餃

豬肉碎 500 克, 17. 6 oz
1. 糖少許
2. 鹽 2 茶匙
3. 胡椒粉半茶匙
4. 醬油 2 茶匙
5. 豆粉半茶匙
6. 水 4 茶匙
7. 雞粉1 茶匙
8. 麻油 1 茶匙
9. rum 酒 1 茶匙

薑碎 1 茶匙

黃牙白( 大白菜) 6 片洗淨,切長形後又橫形切薄絲加些鹽,手槎幾下,榨出水份, 放少許糖,鹽和麻油拌勻(可用韭菜,菠菜和白菜)
豬肉碎加入 A 拌勻,加入 B再加入 C拌勻後, 試味

1. 桌上放粉麵糰取出槎光滑, 楺成長條狀,用手指拆分開, 放些麵粉,將洗麻雀一樣轉圓形,手壓麵糰用桿成薄片
2. 薄麵塊放手, 用茶匙取餡放中間, 另外只手兩指合
3. 煲沸水後放入餃子 (大約 12 只) 等水沸後教小火, 餃子浮面加入半杯水, 如此沸後加水 3 次,餃子完成

chinese dumpling recipe:



500 gram flour ( sieved flour ), 17. 6 oz
350 ml warm water , 11. 8 fl oz

put flour into bowl add 200 ml warm water stir it and add the rest of warm water, if it is still dry add some more water knead into a smooth dough, cover up with plate and let it rest for 10 minutes.

filling A : Minced pork

1. 500 gram minced pork, 17.6 oz
2. 1/4 tea spoon sugar
3. 2 tea spoons salt
4. 1/2 tea spoon pepper
5. 2 tea spoons soy sauce
6. 1/2 tea spoon corn flour
7. 4 tea spoons water
8. 1 tea spoon chicken essence
9. 1 tea spoon sesame oil
10. 1 tea spoon rum

my suggestion : you can combine with beef, lamb or mixed vegetable

filling B:

1. parsley and chive cut in small pieces
2. ginger ( chop ) 1 tea spoon

filling C:

chinese cabbage 6 pieces cut it fine add some salt use hand to mix well and leave it for 5 minutes. wash one time squeeze out water, add some sugar, salt and sesame oil.

mix A, B and C
my suggestion: you can combine with spinach, green leek or different kinds of vegetables

sift flour onto table knead into a soft dough and roll into a long cylinder, divide into portions and roll it thin , put filling in, put 12 dumplings in boiling water and wait until it reboils, turn down the heat add half cup of water, repeat this process 3 times, add half cup of water when the water boils for 3 times


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