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Published on Sep 14, 2012

Should we as a nation even bother having political conventions or are our political conventions completely passe and obsolete? What role do and should men play in what happens with women's bodies? What does it say about our democracy that a small sliver of undecided, low information voters in a few swing states are going to pick the next leader of the free world? John Fugelsang (Political Comedian) leads this week's panel on 'The Point' to discuss these issues and more with Greg Proops (Comedian), Kathy Tavoularis (Exec. Director - CA Delegation To The 2012 RNC Convention), and Hugo Schwyzer (History and Gender Studies Professor - Pasadena City College). Special thanks to Jon Healey (Editorial Writer - Los Angeles Times), and Michael Kaufman (Author - The Guy's Guide to Feminism).

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This channel used to have such great panels and discussions.
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I don't agree with Greg Proops that opposition to abortion is "straight-up misogyny". I think there's a very good reason to be anti-abortion. You are killing something, and it's disgusting. Abortion is a heinous act. I think that the people who call it murder have a very good point.  I'm still pro-choice, though. Although it's heinous, a baby affects all of your life. I think that conservatives care less about this fact because, to them, a woman's meant to have kids anyway. It's a choice between now and later. What happens if you don't abort? You Achieve the Ideal. Nothing is lost, but time is gained.  Having a baby is expensive, it reduces your options by A LOT, it changes everything that you are and everything that you can be. It is an event that can completely alter your life. The act is heinous, but we nonetheless deserve the right to decide the shape of our lives.
Out of my misery
i've seen lots of TYT shows and videos. they always invite these smart people that happen to hold more or less progressive/liberal views. the moment they invite a conservative, my mind is always blown by sheer idiocy of their (conservatives') arguments. can't they find a sane conservative? or it's just that they're all idiots? (or rather, only idiot would hold a conservative position because it's just plain false and dishonest?)
Hahaha nice one TYT. This Schwyzer guy had a hilarious meltdown and proved he was the sociopathic fraud everyone claimed he was. Everything he yaps here is null
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So what would you compare to, a woman's right to her money then? To a man's right to his own body?
Nonya Bizness
The right to your own body is not a privilege, nor is it in any way the same as a person's right to their money. Sick.
Nonya Bizness
Then that makes you sexist. You have no clue what pregnant women go through when they believe they have no choice- women who are abandoned by those who got them pregnant, who are abandoned or had no family to begin with, who have no money, who destroy themselves over this decision. You are clueless about women who abort and buy into the pro life lies that women are in any way flippant about it. You believe that a woman's right to her body is the same as a man's right to his money. Disgusting. 
Nonya Bizness
OH PLEASE. You do not know SHIT about being pregnant and I am done with your sexist ass. You are bitching because you have to work- like women don't? Like women suddenly stop working after they have children? You're pathetic. Women go through pregnancy and birth AND THEN KEEP WORKING. Keep your misogynist sob story for some one who gives a shit. You make me sick. 
Nonya Bizness
I keep repeating and it is getting tiresome. You do not have the "out" (even those I've explained repeatedly why abortion is not an out) because of biology. It is not fair. It is life. You are at the mercy of her decision to carry or not- because of biology. Because of the nature of pregnancy you are left to be financially liable for your stake in creating this problem. End. Though may I add how incredibly low the enforcement rate is. 
Nonya Bizness
Victim isn't the word I'd choose. But she is the sole carrier of the damage as the product of conception live and grow inside her body. Perhaps you have missed a few science classes yourself? Women do not "make" the babies themselves. That is the only part in this story that is actually 50/50. They house and serve as nutrient source for the rest of pregnancy- but creation is 50/50. 
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