Ricky Gervais on Atheism ......this is funny





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Published on Feb 2, 2011

His first mistake was a talking snake....lmao

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When considering religious claims, you can either make a bunch of excuses as to why there's no real evidence (God's testing my faith!), or you can make a much shorter logical conclusion. There's no evidence because it doesn't exist, and you're asked to have blind faith because that's all the church has on you. Your fear that maybe you're wrong and are going to suffer for eternity if you don't "believe". In reality, they're just trying to offer a cure for an imaginary problem.
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A typical atheist = 'Well, believe in God if you want to, I just choose not to' A typical Christian = 'You're gonna burn in hell for that you piece of shit' I know who I'd rather be friends with.
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Sej 1039
IMO children shouldn't be taught/told to believe in a God or holy spirit, they should just be taught to be a good person!! The world would be a much better place that way!!
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If you need the promise of eternal paradise and the fear of eternal torture to regulate your behaviour towards being a good person then you are a psychopath who needs to be locked in a padded room wearing a straight jacket.
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Whether or not you believe in God, the key is not to be an asshole. I admire people who have no religious beliefs but still hold true to being kind and maintaining good morals. That's great, because they don't need anyone to tell them to be good. I'm Christian because I believe in the Jesus that tells everyone that religion is shit if you're not welcoming, kind, and good to your fellow man. Jesus himself would have hated Christianity being used as a tool to alienate others.  The point is... just be good to other people. There are enough assholes in the world, it doesn't need any more. 
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Matthew Becker
I have so much respect for Ricky Gervais. The only thing about this video that bothers me is the audiences inability to notice that he isn't trying to be funny, he's being serious and they're just being fools for laughing when that isn't what he's going for,
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I've always found it funny when religious people, particularly Christians get offended when their faith is questioned. If I knew for a fact that God and heaven exist and someone came up to me saying they don't, I'd just laugh because I know he's going to burn in hell for all eternity, right? So this insecurity in Christians tells me that even they are questioning whether what they believe in is legit, but they still insist on rolling with it because they can't confront reality and admit they've based their lives on thousands years old desert stories and mythology.
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Doug Joseph
I still live in deathly fear of Santa Claus and his all-seeing power
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Hell has had a British invasion of it's own I see. Many will be wailing and gnashing with an English accent.
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The Greatest
Remove "Hell" from christianity and you no longer have christians ......... that's the fact ..... reason I believed it for as long as I did.
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