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Published on Apr 16, 2011

Why do the British hate Americans? well....we don't really..but it's fun to act as if we do believe all the stereotypes and there are endless jokes and the Americans are just so easy to mock and make fun of, their sitting ducks and i suppose we do still consider ourselves superior to them - just because we 're british and we are!

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I can settle this.......j Just comment on that American computer which is in front of you whether that be Apple or Microsoft. Doesn't matter both American companies, on you tube which is AMERICAN which is connected to the internet which AGAIN IS AMERICAN! Have fun and stay jealous!
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Papa Guapa all these arguments are like the special olympics it doesn't matter who wins your all retarded
muslim deme9873
Wrong again the internet runs on the world wide web which is british. Suck it up cunts.
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America will always be a better place to live. Britain is without a doubt one of the most depressing countries to live in the world or at least in Europe. The lifestyle is boring and repetitive and wherever you go or you'll ever see is the same row of terraced houses in every street and every neighborhood filled with chavs and slobs. Don't get me wrong, i think Britain is a good country culturally, economically and in terms of military but it's just not a pleasant place in a lot of areas. Another thing that annoys me is how nearly every boy has an obsession with football (soccer) but what's funny is that Britain can't play football worth a shit seeing how we've been beat in nearly every world cup (except for one in 1966) by countries that don't even play football. America has much more vast land and places to explore ranging from deserts, forests and cities but in Britain all you get is towns full of old miserable buildings and not to mention the 'British Countryside' is honestly the most boring empty place on earth. I'm not saying Britain is a terrible country but it has many flaws.  
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I'm French and I prefer America. Brits are always hating on americans for every little thing they do lol. So what if they call football 'soccer' who gives a fuck? It's what they call it just fuck off and leave the lads alone. 
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muslim deme9873
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They are mad cause we beat them in the American revolution 
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i am tired of getting notifications from you back to back im deleting this post
Alan Moore
For invading Poland not France, Germany attacked Poland in 1939 and Britain and France declared war on Germany. Hitler next attacked Denmark and Norway  before  moving against France and low countries in May 1940
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Wow, looking at some of these comments makes me realise just how dumb and ignorant some Americunts are. Can I just remind you what language you are speaking? Yeah, that's right, ENGLISH. And for those of you who are saying we would have lost the war to Germany if America didn't join in, have any of you even heard of the Battle of Britain? We won that didn't we? Our tiny island vs Germany and we held our own. You guys only ended World War 2 because you used nuclear weapons, not because you had a "great military". You also killed a fuckload of innocent civilians in those nuclear attacks and kids are probably STILL being born with birth defects becaus of that. Well done you heartless bastards.
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muslim deme9873
Oh dear another piece of shit canadian with a chip on his shoulder, listen dickhead you canadian faggots never fought the japanese it was British, australian and indians fighting them. All the ameripussies did is island hop around some obscure tiny islands in the pacific ,The commonwealth (minus canada) did the bulk of the fighting against the japs. No queer canadian cunts ever fought them. Now fuck off prick. Like shitty canada could ever fight anyone lol your country is a joke.
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blaise dasilvsss
Americans have the most annoying accent in the world
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Sarah, do enjoy your double negatives that English people often use.
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likesmilitaryhistory Alan Moore
UK vs US Better national health system. Better beer. Less murders, percentage wise. Better beer. More paid holidays. Better beer. More historic sights to visit. Better beer. Closer to the romantic hotpots of Europe. Better beer. Lower infant mortality Better beer. More traditions and better culture. Better beer. Less evictions, percentage wise Better beer. Unable to make families with children homeless. Better beer. Better social welfare. Better beer. Towns with more character. Better beer. Less poverty, percentage wise Better beer No dangerous wildlife. Better beer. Better standard of living. Better beer. Better schools. Better beer. Better public transport. Better Beer Better front gardens. Better Beer. Better media. Better beer A friendlier people. Better beer Better equality. Better Beer A Royal family who loves us. Better beer. So there you have it, OH and did I say BETTER BEER
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Salty Pasta
UK has more violent crime than the US. British make less money than Americans NHS is lower quality compared to private US medical care.
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John Mosbrook
The Brfitish are an extraordinary people who do ordinary things. The Americans are an ordinary people who do extraordinary things.This is why it's so difficult for the Brits to accept another American Century.
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Robst3r_ 1999
Exactly :)
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James Hughes
Hate to tell u Brits without Americans u would of fell to Germany in ww2
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This was honestly quite true, as the Soviets barely pulled it off against the Germans, and the Brits had literally no where else but North Africa
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callum bridgewater
UK and the US both rule, we shouldn't be deciding who's country is better than each others!! 
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Courtland Miller
+callum bridgewater Holy shit, we arent so different after all. You brits hate and fight each other eerily similar to the way we do here in America. lol
+Tony Nonce oh really why don't you give us the real version of events and correct our unfortunate ignorance
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