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Published on Apr 1, 2011

Demi *kisses her daughters cheek* Don't be scared sweetie

Alex: What if nobody likes me?

Demi *hugs her* What's not to like about you?

Alex *lets go* Bye mommy

Demi: Do want me to come in with you?

Alex *shakes her head* I'm a big girl

Demi: Be good

Alex: I will mommy *runs into school*

Demi's POV.

I watch my little angel run off to her class. I can't believe it, it's her first day of school. It seems like yesterday when I held her in my arms for the first time. Soon enough, I'll be buying her first car and the she'll be getting married and be moving out before I know it. Life just goes way to fast. I had just one wish. I wish Alex's father was here to watch her grow up, but I guess, life isnt fair; to anyone.


Alex *shy, sitting in the corner*

??: Are you ok?

Alex: I'm s-scared

??: Well I'm Joe, how are ya?

Alex *giggles* I'm Alex

Joe: That's very cool

Alex: My mommy told me not to talk to strangers

Joe: I'm your teacher sweetie, don't worry

Alex: I want to go home

Joe: School only started 10 minutes ago, is it that bad?

Alex: I don't have any friends

Joe *kneels down next to her* I'll be your friend

Alex: You're old

Joe *fake gasps* I'm not old miss-

Alex: Lovato, Miss Alex Lovato

Joe (LOVATO? Could it be..?) That's a pretty name

Alex: My mommy named me

Joe: She must be pretty to then *smiles*

Alex: She's the best mommy in the world

Joe: I'm sure she is. Would you like to draw a picture?

Alex *nods* Can I a picture of my mommy?

Joe: Of course, I'll be back in a while to see it

Alex *takes out paper and starts drawing*


Demi's POV.

I'm doing this again. I'm trying to start dating again. No matter how much Alex's father messed up my heart, I still need a man in my life. I need a man to take care of Alex and I.

Sterling: How's Aex doing?

Demi: She started school today

Sterling: Hows the proud mother?

Demi *smiles* Feeling old

Sterling *places his hand over hers* You'll be fine

Demi *looks at her watch* Shoot, time to pick Al up

Sterling: Need a lift?

Demi: I'm good, thanks for this afternoon

Sterling: Can we do this again?

Demi: Of course *kisses his cheek and leaves*


Alex: Joe, look!

Joe *comes over* That's an amazing picure Alex

Alex: Can I bring this home?

Joe: I want to pin it up on the wall but if you want to show your mom first that's ok

Alex: She's coming to pick me up, you can show her

Joe: School is over in 2 minutes so you can pack your bag

Alex: Ok *puts her things away*

***Bell rings***

Joe: You can bring your mom in here if you want

Alex *runs out*

Demi *kneels down and hugs her* How was your day Al?

Alex: I met my teacher and I drew a picture

Demi: Is your teacher nice?

Alex: He is! He wants to meet you

Demi: Did you do something bad Al?

Alex *shakes her head* He wants to keep my picture but I want to show you so he said you could come in

Demi *holds her hand* Alright then


Demi *knocks on the door*

Joe: Come in

Alex *runs in pulling Demi* This is my mommy

Joe *turns around and faces Demi* Nice to meet yo-DEMI?

Demi *scared* Hi Joe

Alex: Do you know him mommy?

Demi: He's an old friend sweetie

Joe: Alex, so you want to play with the toys while we catch up?

Alex *nods and runs to the corner*

Joe: Please sit

Demi *in shock, sits down*

Joe: Are you ok Demi?

Demi *nods*


Demi: Joe, I have something to say

Joe: Mmhh?

Demi: I'm p-pregnant

Joe: W-what?

Demi *breaks down crying* I can't do this alone

Joe *stands there* I'm not ready to be a father

Demi: I need your support Joe

Joe: I'm sorry Demi, I'm not ready to do this *leaves*


Demi: Y-you left me

Joe: Demi I-i'm sorry

Demi: Sorry doesn't cut it

Joe: I know I know

Demi: I needed your support

Joe: I still need yours

Demi: I'm seeing someone

Joe: One more chance?

Demi *shakes her head and stands up* Al, let's go

Joe *stands up too* A second chance Demi?

Demi: THIRD chances are for losers Joe

Alex *holds Demi's hand* Who's the loser mommy?

Demi: I am sweetie, I lost something when I made a bet four years ago

Alex *giggles* Then win it back

Demi *lets out a few sobs* It's gonna be too hard

Alex: Don't cry mommy, I'll get it back for you

Demi: I'll race you to the car

Alex *sprints out of school to the car*

Joe: D-demi

Demi: I gave you two chances Joe

Joe: One more PLEASE

Demi: Third chances are for losers


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