Alfonzo Rachel: Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats





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Uploaded on Sep 27, 2011

The Leftist argument is pretty much that there was a migration of racist between the two parties (Democrat and Republican) saying that "the two parties switched". The migration was not between racist but between radicalized Leftist and Communist that infiltrated and dominate the leadership of the Democrat Party (via terrorism and assassinations) and between Conservatives. This is what created the right/left paradigm, Leftist have the goal of changing the economic system of this country and Conservatives want to maintain (conserve) it. Much like the way Abolitionist were not welcomed in the Democrat party, neither are Conservatives who want to protect and grow the Free Market economic system of the United States.

It's not the kind of thing the Left likes to talk about but basically they believe Capitalism, Free Market Competition and the Profit Motive creates racism and exploitation of the worker. Therefore anyone who defends the economic system of this country is considered racist for defending Free Enterprise regardless of who they are personally.

This means the Left beleives that each and every single Republican or Conservative to be racist just for opposing a Leftist/Anarchist agenda of collapsing this country into Marxism. This is also why Democrats give themselves a pass on their own racism and turn a blind eye to racist comments made by Democrats or Leftist regardless of how hurtful or offensive they are.

The truth is it's a free market economy that generates the wealth needed for economic expansion and most effectively spreads wealth and prosperity, raising the standard of living for everyone.

According to Leftist philosophy the only way to stamp out racism is to eliminate the Profit Motive and have a Soviet style political kommissar class redistribute all wealth and labor with each of us working for only what we need and nothing more. The theory is this would eliminate the need for workers to turn to racism, sexism and bigotry in competition for food and resources.

This would theoretically create a classless Utopian society but unfortunately Marxist philosophy and policies has NEVER WORKED in reality and they never will.

The profit motive is a gift from God that guarantees we all do not starve to death, remove it and you unleash war and famine and death. Socialism does not generate the wealth needed for economic expansion. To have a political kommissar class take profits away from a productive class absolutely kills production and leads to massive shortages and horrible economic stagnation. The only way to expand a Socialist economy is through war, which is why Communism had to be contained. This warlike expansion is refered to by Communist as "Exporting Revolution".

The Redistribution of Wealth is a oxymoronic term because under Marxism there IS NO WEALTH. You are suppose to work for exactly what you need and nothing more. And in most Communist countries you really just need food rations and work in a labor camp (plantation) that probably just produces food rations for soldiers to "Export Revolution". Most people think Socialism means going to the mall on someone elses dime but things like fast food, designer shoes and rims are considered bourgeois Capitalist luxuries that are created by oppressed and exploited workers which do not exist under a Marxist economic system.

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