Passionate, Persistent, & Possessive Ep 90





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Uploaded on Jun 10, 2011

(A New Beginning. Sorry guys that the 1st upload didn't work, I re-posted it now w/o the music ^_-)

Joe: *After the whole David thing, we actually in time met our new label & signed, this time we're completely charge & still able to be the JoBros along with Kev. So we did more songs, releasing more albums, doing a little bit of acting & just still doing plenty of shows for our fans all over & doing things to give back & much more. It was an amazing time, the month of May was bringing forth a new beginning for all of us. Nick was growing wiser & wiser everyday, that stud muffin dominated totally with the songs, looking like the too awesome man he was. And Kev was getting so much attention too, he was starting to also get into directing as well besides doing a lot of music videos which came out so cool. And me, ... I thank God everyday for this life, for Nick, for our friends, family, fans, & our whole team behind us. Life was amazing* So what's on the agenda today Mr. President?

Nick: *I giggled & rolled my eyes. Recently Joe thought I could be the next president or something, I guess cause of the way I was always in charge most of the time along with Joe & Kev & maybe perhaps the old fashioned way I dress* Ha ha, DANGER!

Joe: Ooh you got me! *That's my new nickname cause no1 really knows what I'm capable of doing next, which made it lots & lots of fun. Kev had a nickname too, we named him "Mufasa," which to Nick & I, we think it fit perfectly. And Kev seemed to really dig it too* Seriously where are we going baby?

Nick: *I checked our agenda* To film the rest of our concert 3D movie remember Joe?

Joe: 3D?! Say whaaa?

Nick: *I laughed* Dude you knew about this.

Joe: I don't think so. Must have been some1 else you told cause I don't think I've heard this awesome news. Tell me more!

Nick: Well its all about our lives, what we've acomplished on our own & together as a band. Also we got special guests like Demi Lovato who course we starred with her in Camp Rock. And then there's Taylor Swift, that awesome country superstar sweeping the entire nation. And we've got our body guard, our entire JoBro crew, our family, our friends, & of course awesome fans from all over. Remember now?

Joe: Hmmm, are you positive Nick? Like 100%?

Nick: *I kissed him sweetly & winked* Yep!

Joe: Then ... I say COOL! No double cool, no triple cool!

Nick: *I laughed again* OK, OK babe I get it, now move that butt of yours. We gotta get going, don't wanna be late for our 1st day of shooting now, do we?

Joe: Course not! Lets boogie! *I speedily ran downstairs before him* See I'm ready! *I said excitedly* Hurry up babe, its all you now!

Nick: *My mouth dropped & I giggled* You, you you oohh!

Joe: *I grinned sexily* I know, I know. You awesome lovable stellar of a guy Joe! Thank you, thank you baby! *Nick came a running & he drove us off to the set. We got there in just the nick of time. So for the rest of the day, we spent loads of time filming, doing sound checks, goofing off, & more. It was pretty fun. We were all there. Dems was funny cause she kept making all this silly faces & then I started mimicking her, while Nick just kept on laughing & shaking his head making his curls bounce cutely. Kev on the other hand was too busy jumping up & down getting pumped for the performances to come. He was also working on these crazy spinning moves too, which was so awesome, I tell you 1 thing only Kev could pull that off like that*
Dems! *I motioned for her to come over so I could whisper something in her ear*

Demi: *I listened & then smiled nodded* Brb guys, I gotta run to the ladies room! *I walked past the guys secretly giggling when I was far enough away*

Nick: *I looked at Joe suspiciously* What'd you say to her?

Joe: *I shrugged cluelessly* Nothing. She's gotta go to the bathroom.

Nick: *I looked @ him* I know something else is up.

Joe: *I was bout to speak when Kev butted in*

Kev: Hey guys check this out! *Spins like crazy*

Joe: *I chuckled thats awesome man, but thats nothing watch this! *I took off in a run down the stage & slid on my knees pretty far* HA! Beat that!

Nick: *I was laughing till I watched as Joe went sliding right off the stage* JOE!

Joe: *Lucky I landed kinda of softly* Ow. *I laughed*

Nick: *I went over to him* You OK babe?

Joe: *I got up slowly* Fine, but I think we'd better install something cushion-like in the future just in case.

Nick: Only for you Mr. Klutz. *Suddenly I was shot with something wettish* What the heck? *I looked to see Dems & Taylor both with a water guns of some sorts blasting me soaking wet* DEMS? TAYLOR?

Joe: Great work girls, let it rip! *I grabbed 1 gun of my own & got him even more* Break time every1, whoo!

Kev: Oh thats it! *I grabbed 1 too & joined in.

Nick: *I laughed loudly & ran for cover to grab my own too. The rest of the day it pretty just like this: having too much fun*

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