Sling Shot | A Chivalry Parody of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop"





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Published on May 26, 2013

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Written/Recorded/Filmed by MattShea369

Audio Production by Xekaz

Special Thanks To:
Infectious Codpiece
Ronald Reagan

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I'm gonna pop some heads,
only got 20 pebbles in my pocket.
I'm slingin', lookin' for a Mason,
this is fucking awesome.

Walk out on the field like "What up I got a big rock!"
I'm so pumped, shooting masons with my slingshot.
Runnin' round Frigid, it's so damn frosty.
That people like, "Damn, that's a cold ass codpiece."
Heading to your trebuchet,
Swinging pebbles overhead,
Dressed up in the blue and gold,
Except my shield sometimes it's red.
Getting in a 2v3,
Teammate standing next to me.
Probably shoulda watched his swings,
His LMBs were hitting me.
Shit, team damage is 100%!
Stabbin' it, swingin' it when I'm too close to be slingin' it.
Protecting the bomb cart, my teammates they be bringin' it.
I'm gettin' killed but fuck it man,
I'm taking shots and missin' and,
I'm using lots of ammo so i'm happy it's unlimited.
I'mma take the mason flag,
I'mma take the mason flag.
No for real - just watch me - I'm taking the mason flag.
Sword, mace, spear, any loadout that you're thinkin',
Those underpowered weapons don't mean nothin' when I'm slingin'
I saw a mason vanguard, i shot a mason vanguard
Then i shot a knight and somebody cut off his arm.
Hello? Hello? Is your belly gettin' yellow?
Tibberius got nothin' on my sling game, hell no.
You'll be going out your mind when you're seeing me throw,
We'll be taunting at you, "Dost thou prate rogue?"

What you know about rockin' the cross and lion?
What you know about crushing a rebellion?
I'm slinging, I'm slinging, I'm burning through the rebels,
One man's trash, that's another man's pebbles.
Thank your defense that's supposed to be protectin'
The granary cause you know that I'm all up in it wreckin'
I'm on the hillside, you can find me by the pyre,
I'm not, I'm not sick of throwin' torches on the fire.
Your archers, your vanguards, your knights and men at arms,
You're gonna be alarmed when I stop you motherfucker.
Get too close and be hit with a rock, you motherfucker.
Just check the scoreboard I'm on top you motherfucker.
They be like, "Bearded axe? Man, that thing is OP!"
I'm like, "Yo Get outta here! That shit ain't no match for me!"
Hold on a second, let me teach you a lesson.
You whinin' 'bout a weapon? Let me give you my confession.
I call that getting butthurt over dumb shit.
So let's just try and think about the fun shit.
The sling's hella dope,
And for me, using any other weapon is a hella don't.
Call of Duty kids take a look, I don't need a scope.
Try'na get a chance at killing me? Man you hella won't. Man you hella won't.

I wear these noble clothes,
I look incredible.
I'm throwin' round these stones,
Screamin' for the blue and gold.

I Claim the rights as the owner & original artist of the remix/modified version of the original song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as I claim rights to the lyrics heard within the contents of the song"


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