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Published on Aug 3, 2012

Hello, everyone! :)

Here's a relaxing hair video for you. I straighten and brush my hair, style it, and then brush your hair as well while whispering comforting things to you and rambling about my day. This video ended up being a bit more random that I had intended, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. More to come soon, along with the promised second microphone test. :)

Table of Contents:

Hair straightening: 0:40
Hair brushing: 2:53
Brushing camera/"your hair": 8:11
More brushing: 11:00
Putting my hair up: 15:25
More camera brushing and panning whisper: 18:17
Taking my hair down: 20:25
Brush, brush, brush: 23:14
Angle change: 25:20
More panning whisper: 29:44

Comments • 3,053

Scott Border
The hair straightening is actually the opposite of relaxing for me because usually when I see a girl doing it it means we were supposed to have left the house 5 minutes ago. 
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Ava Bean
Scott Border ha ha trueeeee
Cant relate but made my day lmao
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This woman's ASMR mastery is beyond measure and I bet she doesn't even know it.
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Stephan Jordan
she is legendary but shes gone.
Ediks Koveks
+TianWangTuoTa so how much you gona bet ? i have 20 pounds
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Michael Harris
Great vid, haha it's nice to actually fall asleep to a female rambling and not get slapped on the face for being rude
Michael Parish
You really kind of hit it on the nose why VVV is the greatest ASMR-ist EVER!  Her voice is sooo comforting that just hearing the sound of it is like a babbling brook... a force of nature.  But you don't have to "listen" and she's not going to ask "what did I just say?" lol 
Chris Schuschu
I cant' fall asleep to this because i can't take my eyes off you. 
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+ricky gone gaming Me too
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Alex Healy
"I can brush your hair now..." That moment you're totally relaxed and into it... Then you remember you're bald...
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Jackie Mcgowan
miss you violet come back quickly plse
Jeremy Sharpe
Alex Healy go watch ASMR barber. He's bald and gets massages
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Chris Brown
I remember when I first found this video. This was my first ASMR video and her channel was my first subscription. I was practically in love with this girl at the time 😂 wish you'd come back! 😭
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Charles Darwin
Same here. Four years ago this exact video was the very first ASMR vid I'd ever seen, and it all started when I curiously searched up "relaxing voice talking to camera" or something along those lines, and obviously that's how I stumbled upon ASMR. And at the time this was pretty much one of the biggest ASMR channels on youtube so this was one of the first results that popped up on google, though mind you this was before the whole genre really blew up. Point is this girl needs to make a comeback, because my needs are more important than hers.
Jewish Mien Kampf
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Sick Cunt
You are realy hot with this haircut, and i love your big dark eyes.
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joshua raines
+King Tanyard damn that shits crazy....
King Tanyard
This comment by "Elliot Rodger The Supreme Alpha Male" was 4 months ago before he was on the news, he only did the shootings last month!!! Although any one can change their YT name now after the Google+ shit.
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Marvin Price
I feel like I just accidentally walked into someone's room and clearly I don't have ASMR cause this creeps me out. It's the kind of thing where you want to back slowly out of the room and hope she doesn't see you or have firearms nearby. 
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+chrisliveinyourroom Wall of text crits for 9000.
OK guys lay off of Marvin. Anybody remember their first ASMR experience. Did you feel no awkwardness? Mine was in a barber shop at the age of 6. An older gentleman cut my hair and was the first person outside of my family group to ever touch my head. The way he would tilt my head and ask me to hold still gave me both ASMR and made me feel uncomfortable simultaneously. I still get both from time to time. Imagine feeling awkward, but not getting the tingle, that is how Marvin feels. The firearms reference Marvin included was towards himself. He felt flustered as if he walked into his bedroom saw a woman talking to herself feet away from his nightstand with his own loaded firearm atop it. If you were in this situation, you may feel over-exposed to danger/awkwardness as well. Think of it as almost any personal or private item you wouldn't want someone to touch being within reach of someone you don't know. This is an ASMR trigger of mine. If your handling my stuff i'm very likely to be triggered especially if your being quiet or careful with it. Marvin seems to have all the normal instincts that are triggers just not the physical attribute of ASMR. Remember he's the "NORMAL" one, we are  the ones that are different.
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Elle isme
Wow youtube, you suggest the most random things for me to watch sometimes. Who knew this was a 'thing'...
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+Elle isme Not just YouTube; but all text.
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We miss you Violet ☹️ Thank you for all the great videos. Still hoping someday you will return 🙂
So many others have tried copying your style since you left but they never measured up :) hoping to see you upload again. Have your channels notifications on.
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