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Ghost Apparition Caught On Tape Demon Attachment Haunted By Ghosts





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Uploaded on Oct 16, 2011 --- Demonic Ghost EVP & Ghost Apparition Caught On Camera --- Poltergeist activity caught on tape in my own haunted house with EVPs (ghosts voices) and orbs or an apparition from a ghost manifestation. I accidentally caught a ghost apparition on video camera... Ghosts haunt houses, but do you think ghosts can haunt people or that demons can attach to people?

Watch video proof of me being haunted by a ghost or demonic entity. Please thumbs up and comment with your opinion.. Do you think people can be haunted by ghosts or that a demon can attach themselves to people... Is it possible? See what other people think and share your thoughts in the comments below.

I've had paranormal experiences since I was a child. It has captivated my curiosity and motivated me to find the truth about the existence of ghosts and an explanation for unexplained paranormal activity.

I've investigated some of the most haunted places, but ever since the day I hit the record button on my video cameras during my first paranormal investigation, I've noticed the presence of a ghost or some kind of evil spirit or demon that seems to be around me quite often... almost as if this ghost is haunting me or attached to me.

I've caught several ghost EVPs on camera in my house, and it's strange because the same male spirits voice is heard clearly on the videos. This ghost video with ghost evps was recorded during family events and just odd times that I've used my video camera... And one accidental video recording where a ghost evp and paranormal activity was caught on camera... which is this video.

I was uploading videos from off a small hand-held video camera and when I unplugged the usb cable from the back of it, I didn't realize that my thumb pressed the record button and the video camera went on recording for over an hour... You can hear the clearest EVP from a male spirit talking as if he's responding to everything that's being said on the TV.

I'm not sure what this ghost wants, but I do know this demonic acting male entity does not like me. I'm not trying to make you believe in ghosts or the existence of the paranormal, I'm not even trying to convince you to believe my story about being haunted, I'm just asking for your open-minded opinion.. If you have experienced anything paranormal like this yourself, I would like to hear your story.. Please comment below with your thoughts or your own ghost story and paranormal experiences.





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