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Published on Mar 30, 2010

hey guys

-demi's pov-
-the next day-
miley; ( standing at the end of the table)
demi; ( sitting at a table trying on wigs) selena why are we trying these on again
sel; ( putting her hair up) for the auditions and the final play
demi; if you say so ( puts her wig on and brushes her fingers through it)
joe; ( comes up to miley)
demi; ( quickly takes the wig off and brushes through her hair, smiles at joe)
miley; Joe, can you cover my shift tonight i have to go somewhere
joe; yeah sure ( puts his ray bans back on and walks away)
i walk up to miley who was rummaging through papers, " you were really amazing last night, your a terrific dancer" i said to miley, she looks up " i should be, i got kicked out at 16 and dancing is the only thing i've ever wanted to do," she said in a rude tone and picked up the stack of papers and walked away. i sighed, why do they hate me?
later that night, i was getting ready in our room with selena, she was talking on and on about Mitchel and how handsome he is. I stroked my brush through my hair and tossled it a bit. i ran my fingers down my dress to straighten it out. i was wearing this:

I leaned against the railing next to my father, watching people dance slowly across the wooden floorboards, I watched Joe dance with a Woman who was clearly a lot older than him, . Cody walked over to Joe , Joe looked like he was angry because you could see his shoulders tense up, Cody then walked over to me " hey Mr and Mrs. Lovato, and Demi" he greeted while slipping his arm over my shoulders " lets take a walk," he said, . My dad was the physician here at the Resort so he and the linleys were quite close. Cody lead me to the dock, I looked over the railing on to the water. a while later. " i think i better get back, my parents are probably worried," i said as i tried to step away " demi, dont worry if they see your with me, they'll be the happiest parents at this resort," cody said cockily. " you know im a great catch" he said with the same proud tone " im sure you are," i said while looking away " you know yesterday, i took a girl away from the lifeguard, and he said right infront of me, " he said as i looked away listening " what does he have what i dont have? and you know what she said?" he asked me i slightly shook my head " 2 hotels," he laughed i slightly laughed even though it wasnt that funny.
-awkard silence-
" i dont want to hear your apology mitchel" i heard selena say, i looked over at the trees and saw selena walking upfront and mitchel yelling behind her " yeah, why dont you run off to your mommy and daddy, thats what you do best anyway" mitchel yelled as he ran upfront and out of sight. i stood there shocked at what i had just heard." im sorry you had to hear that demi, but sometimes in life we hear things we dont want to hear," he said trying to be sincere, " are you hungry?" he asked me " uhh a little"

" you can have anything, we have brownies, milk, rice pudding, fruit salad..." he listed the content of the hotel's fridge. i heard faint sobs coming from behind me cody didnt notice, i turned around to see miley crying in the corner. " you know what cody i think i better go check on selena," i said putting my hand on his back and leading him out

" David!" i exclaim while running up to him out of breath " what? whats wrong?" he asked, i whisper in his ear about miley and he runs up to Joe. Worry washed over Joe's face and they ran out of the room, i followed them to show where she was " whats wrong with her?" i asked David while jogging with them " she's knocked up" he said " david!?" joe yelled and david immediately shut up. soon we were in the kitchen and i pointed where miley was still sobbing.

1; fave part?
2; What are they going to do
part 2 will be up soon it got cut off :(


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