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Top 20 Anime Openings

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Uploaded on Jan 16, 2012

My take on the top 20 best anime openings.


1) What video editing software did you use to edit this video?

Answer: Sony Vegas Pro 9

2) Why is the pitch different to how it should normally sound?

Answer: I had to use Audacity to shift the pitch of the whole video up by a semitone in order to prevent the video from getting blocked by Youtube due to copyright reasons.

3) Were you judging the openings on the song or the animation or both?

Answer: Both, but I focused more on the song, it was about a 70/30 split of judging.

4) Why isn't (insert anime opening here) on the list?

Answer: Because it's my video and not yours is the simple answer to that one. But to be fair just because I didn't include something in the countdown doesn't mean I don't think it's great. "You forgot Fairy Tail!" "You forgot Soul Eater!" "You forgot Death Note!" No, I didn't forget them. They were all very close runners up. But I didn't think they were AS GOOD as the 20 I decided on. I know you might feel upset that your favourite opening isn't among the collection presented but there's THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of great openings, I couldn't include them all and at the end of the day it's all opinion based and everyone has different ideas of what they think is the best.

5) If it's all opinion based why didn't you put "MY top 20 anime openings"?

Answer: Because it looks stupid. Whenever I see a video that says "MY top (insert topic here)" it automatically makes me think they're setting up the troll barricades because they're insecure about their own taste and feel they need to defend it by reassuring people that it's their opinion and not theres. I know I'm doing that now in this FAQ but my attitude is that it's obvious that it's MY top 20 because it is in fact MY video about what I think is the best. Plus I think by not putting MY it makes it look like you have more conviction about what you're showcasing and therefore more people will watch it =)

6) Why isn't (insert anime opening here) higher up the list?

Answer: This is probably the question I hate getting the most. How can it be hard to accept that an opening that made it into my top 20 out of the hundreds of thousands of anime openings ever made isn't good enough just because it made 14th instead of 6th or something? I understand arguing with the first place result but when it comes to the rest does it really matter to you that much? Once again it's all opinion based, it's impossible for me to match up my taste with everybody else's so you can expect that some of these will be higher or lower than what you expected.

7) Is there any reason you only picked one opening from each anime?

That's not quite how I get asked that question but wording it that way pretty much sums up what people are saying. When I made this video I made a list of every anime I'd ever seen and picked my favourite one from each show and then tried to order them. The reason I did that is because it would have been easy to just make a top 20 Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist openings and although it would have been acceptable because those shows have cool openings all around, the video would have been very saturated because those types of shows all have the same cliche's in them both musically and visually and needless to say it wouldn't have been a diverse list and there's plenty of different types of openings I like that aren't what you'd expect to see in the "every anime opening ever made" video. If that wasn't already enough I probably would have ended up annoying people who expected more different shows on the list to the big 3 and I probably would have been accused of pandering to the shonen fantards.

8) It's no Buts not no Butts!!

People make mistakes now and again, get over it =P

9) Where's Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan!!!?


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