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Published on Mar 21, 2009

Mission 2 - Building the Army
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Video has a copyright claim due to the SW music, blocks the video on 244 countries (lawl), so I muted the video section to make it available again.

On this mission you must build twenty Strike Mechs and twenty Mech Destroyers (booring). You can't build extra Mech Factories and have to do with the two that are included in the map.

Not happy with that you must bring the units back to the beginning of the map for the level to finish, they put the factories kilometers away from the destination point.

Resources there are much more than enough. The enemy is walled in and will barely attack once or twice towards the very end with small pitiful armies.

All in all this is a boring tutorial like level. But I still have to build 40 mechs quickly, I do not have an advaced guide for this game, and the google does nothing, so I got some data on my own, probably wrong.

A Mech Destroyer costs 175 carbon and 100 food, so to produce twenty you need 3500 carbon and 2000 food, it takes 35 ingame seconds to build one which means it costs 5 carbon and 2.85 food per game unit, since you build two at a time then when building destroyers you have to be able to support 10 carbon and 5.71 food per game unit.

An Strike Mech costs 100 carbon and 50 food, to produce twenty you will need 2000 carbon and 1000 food, it takes 30 seconds to build one, its cost to build two at the same time is 6.67 carbon and 3.33 food per game unit.

Now a Mech Destroyer takes 237 seconds to go from the farthest mech factory to the transport, an Strike Mech takes only 125. This means that you can save 112 seconds just by making sure the last units you make are strike mechs and that they go non stop from factory to transport and arrive last. This means your last mech Destroyer must be leaving for the transport at least 148 seconds before the last Strike Mech finishes building. In other words they should be leaving when you queue the last 7.5 strike mechs (3.73 per factory), I don't since resources won't pile that much so I always build 14 strike mechs before building the destroyers (I get 3 left per factory).

Assuming you had unlimited resources it would take 650 seconds to build the mechs.

A worker without upgrades will gather 10 food in 33 seconds or 0.30(...) per game unit. However it usually must walk a short distance to the gathering point and back, each trip costs 4 seconds. So a food trip takes 41 seconds.

This can be upgraded with the "Motivator" (175 food, 50 carbon) which takes 55 seconds and is researched on your Command Center, which means you can't train workers in the meantime. It increases the carry capacity by 25% (from 10 to 13 in this case) and worker walk speed by 10%. So, an expensive upgrade that is not very slow but slows you down by 2.2 workers production.

With the motivator a worker gathers 13 food in 43 seconds (gather speed remains 0.30(...) as expected) but the trips only last about 3.5 seconds (if my timing of 4 seconds when not upgraded is correct then the trips now take 3.6 or 10% faster as advertised by the game). So it takes 50 seconds for a full gather trip. In the end the worker gathers more food per unit but the change isn't that huge.

But the food is not right next to the Command Center, a worker takes about 7 seconds to walk to the carbon depots or Mynocks next to it (6 with motivator), 37 to go to the carbon depots right at the beginning of the level (33 with motivator, there's only three Mynock here), 84 seconds (or 75.5) to go to the carbon site on the asteroid terrain, 50 (or 45) to go to the small site in the south corner of the halls, 70 (63) to get to the big carbon site following the last one, 94.5 (or 85) to the food depots which has Mynocks, and the last site which is at the mech factory area is 101 seconds away so I dont consider it for carbon, however it does have Mynocks. Of all the sites there's two big enough carbon ones, the asteroid one and the one at 70 seconds, I start and send more workers to the one at 70 obviously since its closer, but workers are dumb so I can't send all of them there (and also there's not enough carbon on that site alone, you need two). Also I only use two since that means I build less gathering points and as such spend less carbon building them.



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