Iltispuolustus kerhon Suomi 100 demo - 2017




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Published on Jun 15, 2018

A Parkour-Jitsu demo performed for the local school as part of their Suomi 100 (Finland 100 years independence) and Liikuva Koulu (School Activity & Sports ) festival in the Autumn term of 2017.

The iltispuolustus (school afternoon)Clubs are not just about learning fighting techniques and skills, but, include practical psychology and other skills useful for conflict prevention and management, collaboration, learning and other social skills. Unlike other sports and combat sports in particular, these skills and Mind SeTs are not incidental to the activity or otherwise left to chance. They are deliberately taught and practised as an integral part of the art of self-defense and our personal security and risk management system. Generally speaking, we can say that we learn about life, and we practice 'Life Skills for Life'.

You can find more information about the school afternoon clubs and their activities on this webpage: http://www.liikanjitsu.club/liikanjit...

Shorinjitu (KungFu-JuJutsu) is:
Ju Jutsu with a Taste of Kung Fu and a Touch of Kyusho

Liikan Jitsu is:
-From KungFu & JuJutsu to Liikan Jitsu & Kyusho (Shorinjitsu)
-From Break-Falling to Break-Dancing & Parkour (Mobility & Fitness)
-From Chi Kung to NLP, sports & applied psychology (Mind )
-From Self-defense to security & risk management (Practical Application)

All integrated into a more natural and flowing style of self-defence, with:

- Effective and realistic training in a modern style and school for modern day society.
- Expert and qualified instruction since 1982: IPTE, M.Sc., CPO, NLPMP, V/JV/, 3.dan black belt

Not a combat sport nor a common quick-fix, half-baked partial art, but, a true Martial Art in keeping with real-life, yet, remaining consistent with traditional martial ways of war moderated by modern pedagogy.

It's all in the name: Liikan Jitsu

Open Days & Starter Courses:
- Liikan Jitsu: September and January each year
- Next Open Day - January 2017

But why wait!?
Come along anytime and join in the regular training with us by simply registering for the training event on our meetup.com pages at:

From Jiu Jitsu & Kung Fu to Liikan Jitsu and Kyusho,
Effective & Realistic training in a Modern Style & School for Modern Day society.

For more info:
Find us on Facebook or visit out websites at:
- Personal Security Academy: https://sites.google.com/site/persona...
- Liikan Jutsu: http://www.LiikanJitsu.club


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