Need for Speed; A Nemi Story; Chapter 7





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Published on Mar 28, 2012


Demi: So, what's your uncle's special dish?
Nick: I have no idea. It doesn't have a name, he just prepares. I don't even know what the hell it is, but it's very good.
Demi: Well, I can't wait to taste it.
Nick: Trust me, you'll love it.

Nick's POV

Demi's phone vibrated and she looked at it, and frowned. "What's wrong", I asked her. "Nothing", she said giving me a quick smile, "My boyfriend is just worried about where I'm at", she replied. "I can take you home now, if it's a big deal", I said. She shook her head, "You haven't even taking me to see the whole town yet, he'll be fine", she said as she played with her napkin.

Uncle Emilio finally came with the dish long after the expected wait. "Sorry for the wait, but perfection takes time", said Uncle Emilio as he laid down our food in front of us. Eat up, and then go. You know you have a 100% discount here, Nicky", Uncle Emilio reassured, and walked away. "Thanks, Unc", I screamed after him, and he threw his hand up.

Demi's POV

I began eating the dish that Uncle Emilio brought to us, and it was absolutely delicious. I had no idea what I was eating, but it was the best thing that I've ever tasted in my life. The taste was full of juiciness, and it was like a bomb of joy, just exploded in your mouth. "Whoa, this is amazing", I expressed to Nick with wide eyes. He chuckled, and nodded, "You seemed so amazed", he said. "I wasn't expecting it to be like, this good", I said. "How adorable", he said and took a bite of his food. Did he just call me adorable? I don't know how I feel about that. I mean friends call other friends adorable, but still. He said it in a different way, as if he was attracted to me. No, he couldn't be. We just met, and he probably just looks at me as some type of tomboy. I shook off my thoughts, and continued eating again.

After finishing our meal, we thanked Uncle Emilio, and he gave us hugs and kisses and made us promise to come back soon. We then left, and Nick showed me around the rest of town. He showed me spots that he had raced at, and the hotspots where all the teens hanged out. He even showed me this outside Movie Theater; it was like the ones in the movies. People were all around, and teens were making out all over the place. Nick then showed me some other places. By 10:00, Nick had me back home. He got out, and walked me to the door, and made sure that I got in safely. He then hugged me, and left.

-Nick's POV-
-Next Day-
-2nd Period-
I sat in my seat, and Demi came in a little after. She sat beside me, and I looked at her, "Your boyfriend wasn't too mad last night was he", I asked her. She shook her head, "He was too tired. He was sleep when I got there, and this morning he acted as if nothing happened, so", she said. "Wait, what even happened last night," Justin asked as he walked up. "Nick just showed me around the town", Demi said. "I showed her Uncle Emilio's restaurant", Nick said smiling at Justin. Justin smiled, "Did you have Uncle Emilio's special dish", Justin asked Demi as he sat in front of me. "Yes, it was absolutely amazing", she said. "You should've seen the adorable look on her face when she tried it", I said. "Alright class, get into groups of threes, for the next couple of days, we will be doing group work, so go ahead and get in groups, and I'll pass out handouts, and explain what we will be doing", said the teacher. Justin turned around and pointed at Demi and I, and said, "Hey group, group". Demi giggled and waved, "Hey, groupie".

After school Justin, Demi, and I met at my place so we could work on the project. For the project, we had to research how deers acted. Our teacher gave each one of us an animal and we had to research on how they acted. We had to look it up online and write a research paper, or either go one on one and see how the animal reacted. We all found it as a dumb project, but we weren't going to get a 0 on the project. It was due in 2 weeks, and we didn't want to waste any time.

Kind of boring, but hey.
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