How to Tie a Windsor Knot, Full Windsor, or Double Windsor & What To Avoid





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Published on Jul 29, 2015

The best, most comprehensive Video on How To Tie a Windsor Knot & step by step instructions with close-up shots. Works guaranteed.
This is the only video on youtube that also discusses the importance of the tie for this knot, including lengths and thickness because not all ties are suited for the Windsor Knot.

Many confuse this knot with the Half-Windsor , but here you learn how to tie the Double Windsor a.k.a. Full Windsor.

Also, learn the DO's & DON'Ts, what ties to use, which ones not to use + what shirt collar to wear with a Windsor knot and when not to wear it.

00:12 History of the Windsor knot
01:57 Requirements for tying a Windsor knot
02:25 Step by Step guide on how to tie the perfect Windsor knot
04:21 What happens on a Windsor knot when you use a thick tie
05:20 Tie lengths to fit your height

So as you can see, the Duke of Windsor created the size of the tie knot with the interlining and with the fabrics he used, not with the knot. This is just another proof that it's not just the knot, it's the tie, the silk, the interlining and it all plays together in the size and the look of the knot. That being said, In terms of size the Windsor knot is one of the biggest tie knots out there at the same time, it's also very popular but what's important to understand is that in order to tie a Windsor knot, you should A. get a tie that's longer B. it should be thinner simply because it's such a big knot. So here, you see me wearing a very thin madder silk tie by Fort Belvedere with paisleys and the knot is still rather big. I think it's very popular because of its symmetry although personally, I'm a huge fan of it. Nevertheless, here is how you tie it.

You want the slim end on your right and the wide end on your left. The slim end should be about a hand and a half above the waistband. If you have a shorter tie, it needs to come up much further. So you'll have to experiment with it and see what works. Wide end goes from left to the right, up here and pinch it and take the bottom end, come through here and pull it through. And then you go to your left side, now's the chance and move the long wide part around the right side, come up and go through the hole in the back and pull it down. So what's happening here is you can see you have two knots, one, two.

You pull it a little tight and bring the wide end to the left side and again up, pull it up and you see the knot forms. Like usual, bring the wide end through the knot, gently pull and if you want a dimple, you can pinch on top. pull it gently through. If you like the look, pull it up and adjust. As you can see, this knot is very symmetrical and it's very wide, forms this triangular shape and that's why you want a wide cutaway spread collar to accommodate this knot with a classic or medium spread collars, you run into troubles because the collar is going to cover the edges which looks not very advantageous. You're much better off with a four in hand knot or a kelvin or a Pratt knot rather than the full Windsor knot. Now, what happens if you use a thick tie? I'll show you. Here, I have a longer wool blend tie from Fort Belvedere with red herringbone. I'm going to do the same thing, I'll tie the Windsor knot.

Now this is what the Windsor knot looks like with a thick tie, it basically eats my face. Personally, I don't like that look. If you like it, go for it but always bear in mind, full Windsor knots look better with a slim long tie. Oftentimes, I see shorter men wear a Windsor knot because the only way for them to get their long ties to the right length is to choose a bigger knot however, that looks awkward because they have smaller heads and big knots which just looks overwhelmingly wrong. Therefore, I created ties in three different sizes.

Some for short men, some for normal men and some for tall men so everybody can wear the right tie knot and tie size that works best for their personality and the face rather than having to come up with a gigantic knot so you achieve the right length. So, if you're a shorter man or taller or normal guy in terms of height, check out our shop and we have specific ties at specific lengths so you look your best.



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