Ready Or Not - Jemi Story - Episode 17





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Published on Sep 24, 2012

Episode 17

"Demi," He breathes. I feel his thumb on my chin and he forces me to look at him. He's making this a lot more cliché then it has to be. I was about to laugh and tell him to stop making everything so cheesy but before I could do so his warm lips were on mine. I take in a deep breath and my muscles stiffen. I've never had a kiss before. This is my very first kiss. As our lips do there own thing, I slowly get the hang of it and relax into the kiss, letting my heart take control.

I pull away, wanting to touch my lips like a giddy, so very in-love fifteen year old girl after kissing the Captain of the football team. I swallow hard. "That's what I wanted to say." I whisper.

"I wanna hear it." He says. "In words." What a jerk.

I take a deep breath, "Joe," I whisper. He looks at me. "You're shoe lace is undone." I say. He lets out a small laugh and looks down and we both notice the untied string.

"That can wait." He spoke gently. Man, I'm a lightweight.

"Joe." I said again. "I know I've been a little...um...maybe very bitchy to you during these couple of weeks but...I didn't want it to happen but it did...you showed me that you really have changed, even though it shouldn't of happen...and I need you to know...that I really....really like you." I whisper. Then he grabs my waist pulling me in for a deep, genuine, and passionate kiss. Talk about PDA. Poor customers.

"I really, really like you, too, Demi." He whispered. "And I want there to be a Joe and Demi. A me and you. An us. I want to try dating, Demi, but only if you're willing to...I don't want any fun and games, Demi. I want the real thing. A serious thing." He says.

I feel a cheesy smile curve onto my lips. "Wow...you really have changed." I say with a small giggle. He slowly grins. "I would love to try dating, Joe. No games. No fun. For real."

"Good." He said. "I've waited forever to get your attention and to get you to like me and I took me until now to finally get what I've always wanted." He said. I blush and look down, I feel him kiss my cheek lightly. "We're going out tonight at 8. Be ready."

"Okay." I whisper, feeling my knees grow weak and my hands begin to tremble. I had no idea one man was capable of making me feel like this. Interesting. This is an interesting feeling. A feeling that I like and a feeling that I'll possibly grow addicted to.


This one is a little shorter, sorry :/


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