♥Love Has To End♥ A Nemi VS Jemi Story Episode ♥3 Part 2





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Published on Jan 16, 2010

Ok its continued from the last episode.There is going to be a part 3 because this episode is too long to fit the whole thing.

Nick-Its definetly your type of car.
Joe-Yea I love it
Kevin-Lets get it.

~At Jonas' House With Demi~

Kevin-I'm going to go start unpacking so I'll see you later Demi.
Joe-Me Too
Nick-Me Three
Demi-You three never get tired of saying that, do you?
Nick-It just too funny
Demi-Well I'll see you three later
Nick-Wait! Umm......do you wanna help me unpack?
Demi-I guess
Nick-Ok lets go

~In Nick's Room~

Nick-*unpacking a box*So Demi what school are you going to?
Demi-Legacy High School
Nick-We're going there too.
Nick-Do you still paint?
Demi-Sometimes but, lately I haven't had the time for it.
Nick-You must be still great
Demi-I wouldn't call my art great.
Nick-Yea your right, its not great its amazing
Demi-*blushing*You still have a way to make me blush
Nick-Well you know I try
Demi-*laughing* Why do you always say that?
Nick-Say what?
Demi-Well you know I try
Nick-I don't know it seems like the right thing to say
Demi-Your still the same Nick
Nick-What do you mean?
Demi-Well you know you still have curly hair,your still hot,and you still have your sense of humor.
Nick-Wait, did you just say that I'm still hot?
Demi-No *blushing*
Nick-Well then why are you blushing?
Demi-Because I just felt like blushing.
Nick-*getting closer to her* Well if you would have thought I was hot I might say that your hotter.
Demi-*getting closer to him* You think I'm hot?
Demi-*making her lips almost touch his lips*Well you know that you are sexy.
Nick-Demi I'm still in love with you
Demi-I am too nick
Nick-Well Demi Lovato will you be my girlfriend again?
Demi-I would love to Nick.But only on one condition.
Nick-And what is that
Demi-I get to be the girlfriend and you have to be the boyfriend.
Nick-*laughing*Well thats the only way to have it.
Nick-*about to kiss Demi until...*
Allie-Nick...Oh I'm sorry.
Demi-*blushing* It's ok Allie I have to go home anyway.
Nick-I'll see you tomorrow right.
Demi-Yea.Bye Nick,bye Allie.
Allie-Bye Demi
Nick-So Mom what did you need?
Allie-I just wanted to know what did you want for dinner.
Nick-Umm.....I'm feeling like Panda Express
Allie-Ok so is Joe and Kevin.

~With Demi In Her Living Room~

Demi-Mom, guess what?
Taylor-What Demi?
Demi-Well me and Nick are a couple.
Taylor-Aww thats nice you two were ment to be.
Demi-Yea I know and I'm so happy *smiling*
Demi-I'll be in my room
Taylor-Oh wait.The girls called saying it was a 911 emergency.
Demi-Omg I'll be over there.
Taylor-Ok bye.

~With the Girls at Avril's~

Avril-Finally your here.
Demi-Well I just came home and she told me.
Kristen-How did you get here so fast if you just got home.
Demi-Well my Mom finally got me a car.
Victoria-Are you serious?
Demi-Yep it's a Blue Corvette.
Avril-Who helped you pick it out??
Demi-Nick,Joe,and Kevin.
Kristen-You mean Nick Jonas your ex-boyfriend??
Demi-Yea and guess what.
Demi-We're going out again
Avril-We have to meet him.
Kristen-Yea we do.What's his address?
Demi-Well he's my next door nieghbor.
Victoria-Lets go right now.
Demi-No he's probably still packing.
Avril-Well we can help.
Kristen-Yea it's 4 of us.
Demi-Ok fine lets go.

~With Jonas' plus The Girls~

Allie-Oh hi Demi and...
Demi-Oh yea this is Avril, Kristen, and Victoria my 3 best friends.*points in that order*
Avril,Kristen,and Victoria-Hi
Allie-Hi and what brings you girls here?
Victoria-Well we just wanted to meet Nick.
Allie-Oh ok *lets them in*
Demi-So where is he?
Allie-Upstairs and would you girls like to stay for dinner?
Avril-I would love to.
Kristen-Me too.
Victoria-Me three.
Demi-Me four and what will be having?
Allie-Panda Express.
Demi,Victoria,Kristen,and Avril-We LOVE Panda Express!
Victoria-Well come on I wanna meet Nick.
Demi-Ok don't be so rushy.
*the girls go upstairs and knock on Nick's door*

~In Nick's Room~

Nick-*opens his door and sees three girls and Demi*
Demi-Hey Nick
Nick-Hey Demi and three girls that I think are Avril,Kristen, and Victoria.
Victoria-Yep.I'm Victoria and we've heard so mych about you Nick.
Nick-I hope good things. *smiling and looking at Demi*
Avril-Well I'm Avril and you have a cute smile.
Nick-Well you know I try
Demi-See you keep saying that.
Nick-Well I guess that it's my sentence.
Kristen-And I'm Kristen and you two are the perfect couple in the world.Well not the whole world but, of what I've seen.
Nick-Well nice to meet you all and thank you I guess.
Demi-Well we're staying for dinner so what do you wanna do before then??


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