Dan Walters Daily: California Supreme Court appointment is symbolic act





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Published on Jul 23, 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown's appointment of Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar to the California Supreme Court is symbolic on many levels, Dan says. (July 24, 2014)



  1. 207

    Dan Walters Daily: Slate mailers are tossers

  2. 208

    Dan Walters Daily: National groups waste money in California congressional races

  3. 209

    Ose and Bera on creating jobs in California

  4. 210

    Ose and Bera on Affordable Care Act

  5. 211

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown runs odds re-election campaign

  6. 212

    Dan Walters Daily: Indian Americans on political rise in California

  7. 213

    Dan Walters Daily: Another record low turnout likely in November election

  8. 214

    Dan Walters Daily: Bay Bridge failures cast doubt on high-speed rail

  9. 215

    Dan Walters Daily: Ethics vetoes let lawmakers have it both ways

  10. 216

    Dan Walters Daily: Bankruptcy court drops public pension bombshell

  11. 217

    Dan Walters Daily: California needs a new higher education plan

  12. 218

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown's "canoe theory" of politics

  13. 219

    Dan Walters Daily: California Senate silent on nepotism investigation

  14. 220

    Marshall Tuck on new Local Control Funding Formula

  15. 221

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown inconsistent on helping the poor

  16. 222

    Darrell Fong at the Capitol Bureau

  17. 223

    Darrell Fong talks high-speed rail

  18. 224

    Darrell Fong on affirmative action

  19. 225

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown's legacy riding on election

  20. 226

    Dan Walters Daily: California GOP convention is show of disunity

  21. 227

    John Kabateck on AB 1897

  22. 228

    Lou Sheldon on Kashkari: 'When you're starving, the crumbs taste darn good'

  23. 229

    Neel Kashkari calls GOP 'party of civil rights'

  24. 230

    Neel Kashkari says he 'set an example' for GOP

  25. 231

    Neel Kashkari addresses college Republicans

  26. 232

    Tim Donnelly 'endorsing liberty' when asked about Kashkari

  27. 233

    Tim Donnelly not endorsing Neel Kashkari

  28. 234

    Ashley Swearengin on Kashkari

  29. 235

    Dan Walters Daily: California unemployment still among highest

  30. 236

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown's crony capitalism hurts home health aides

  31. 237

    Dan Walters Daily: Successors to Rod Wright already lining up

  32. 238

    Kevin McCarty shares ideas on budgets and taxes

  33. 239

    Kevin McCarty on the Kings arena

  34. 240

    Kevin McCarty wants fuels under cap-and-trade

  35. 241

    Dan Walters Daily: How big a deal is groundwater legislation?

  36. 242

    Steve Cohn on teacher employment, Vergara ruling

  37. 243

    Steve Cohn on jobs and regulation

  38. 244

    Steve Cohn on rail improvements

  39. 245

    Dan Walters Daily: Six Californias initiative does some good

  40. 246

    Dan Walters Daily: Rod Wright's punishment unique for lawmakers

  41. 247

    California Secretary of State candidate forum

  42. 248

    Dan Walters Daily: Will water bond measure have serious opposition?

  43. 249

    Dan Walters Daily: Gas prices are new political battleground

  44. 250

    Dan Walters Daily: New laws haven't stopped pension spiking

  45. 251

    Arnold Schwarzenegger on official portrait

  46. 252

    Dan Walters Daily: Arnold Schwarzenegger portrait is a clunker

  47. 253

    Strong Mayor campaign heats up in Sacramento

  48. 254

    Dan Walters Daily: Scandals trump accomplishments for California Legislature

  49. 255

    2014 Calif. Gubernatorial debate: gas prices

  50. 256

    2014 Calif. Gubernatorial debate: undocumented children

  51. 257

    2014 Calif. Gubernatorial debate: "union bosses"

  52. 258

    2014 Calif. Gubernatorial debate: plastic bag bill

  53. 259

    Neel Kashkari arrives for debate

  54. 260

    Dan Walters Daily: Six Californias is exercise in futility

  55. 261

    Jerry Brown, Neel Kashkari prepare to square off

  56. 262

    Dan Walters Daily: Rod Wright sentencing delayed once again

  57. 263

    Penny toss tradition may be to blame for damage to Capitol statue

  58. 264

    Dan Walters Daily: California political action heads to court

  59. 265

    Jordana Steinberg: Living With Mental Illness

  60. 266

    Dan Walters Daily: Low November turnout is opportunity for California Republicans

  61. 267

    Dan Walters Daily: Legislators sing each other's praises

  62. 268

    Dan Walters Daily: Film tax credit is expensive waste

  63. 269

    Parent of Isla Vista shooting victim advocates for gun restraining orders

  64. 270

    Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin at Sacramento Press Club

  65. 271

    Dan Walters Daily: California ridesharing battle is part of national war

  66. 272

    Tim Donnelly rallies protesters as Mexican president visits Sacramento

  67. 273

    Rally for release of Marine reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from a Tijuana jail

  68. 274

    Richard Pan talks about who suffers for bad policy

  69. 275

    Dan Walters Daily: California's tough gun control laws don't stick

  70. 276

    Dan Walters Daily: New bills mushroom in final week of session

  71. 277

    Dan Walters Daily: Consumer battles dominate end of legislative session

  72. 278

    Dan Walters Daily: Assembly delays suspended lawmaker pay amendment

  73. 279

    Dan Walters Daily: New geographic divide in California politics

  74. 280

    Jerry Brown's mind 'drawn more to poetry than politics'

  75. 281

    Dan Walters Daily: CalChamber is successful bill killer

  76. 282

    Dan Walters Daily: Many controversial legislative issues remain

  77. 283

    Dan Walters Daily: Appropriations committees are undemocratic

  78. 284

    Dan Walters Daily: Will Yee and Calderon get Senate goodbye?

  79. 285

    Blackjack in the shadow of the Capitol

  80. 286

    Dan Walters Daily: Campaign finance measure does not belong on ballot

  81. 287

    Jerry Brown on water bond talks

  82. 288

    Dan Walters Daily: Tax loopholes make California comeback

  83. 289

    Roger Dickinson: Should Richard Pan have been prosecuted?

  84. 290

    California Attorney General Kamala Harris

  85. 291

    Dan Walters Daily August 11, 2014

  86. 292

    Jack Ohman pretends to be Neel Kashkari

  87. 293

    Dan Walters Daily Augst 8, 2014

  88. 294

    Dan Walters Daily for August 7, 2014

  89. 295

    Dan Walters Daily for August 6, 2014

  90. 296

    Press conference on school bond legislation

  91. 297

    Dan Walters Daily for August 5, 2014

  92. 298

    Dan Walters Daily: Water is fighting in California

  93. 299

    Neel Kashkari speaks about his time on the streets in Fresno

  94. 300

    Dan Walters Daily: Old friend of Jerry Brown turns foe on Sacramento arena

  95. 301

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown flips on NAFTA

  96. 302

    Darrell Steinberg ponders life after the Legislature

  97. 303

    Dave Jones makes case for Proposition 45

  98. 304

    Dan Walters Daily: Rainy-day fund good for state, but not school districts

  99. 305

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown shares governorship while in Mexico

  100. 306

    Dan Walters Daily: California has country's most polarized legislature

  101. Dan Walters Daily: California Supreme Court appointment is symbolic act

  102. 308

    Dan Walters Daily: California is playground for President Obama

  103. 309

    Dan Walters Daily: Taxpayers left footing bill for building disaster

  104. 310

    Dan Walters Daily: Second time around, Jerry Brown is a sphinx

  105. 311

    Dan Walters Daily: How long will Pérez hold out?

  106. 312

    Dan Walters Daily: Is this the end for California death penalty?

  107. 313

    Tim Draper on Six Californias

  108. 314

    Steve Maviglio blasts Six Californias

  109. 315

    Dan Walters Daily: Despite huge gains, state retirement remains underfunded

  110. 316

    Dan Walters Daily: Efforts to divide California persistent, but unlikely

  111. 317

    Neel Kashkari radio

  112. 318

    Dan Walters Daily: Beware the glass house, Tom Steyer

  113. 319

    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed discusses California pension reform

  114. 320

    Dan Walters Daily: California emerging from the red

  115. 321

    Dan Walters Daily: Court battle looms over pension obligations

  116. 322

    Dan Walters Daily: Controller's race could be decided in court

  117. 323

    Dan Walters Daily: California's economic growth tempered by unemployment

  118. 324

    Campaign finance activists arrested at California Capitol

  119. 325

    Dan Walters Daily: Time running out on water bond

  120. 326

    Dan Walters Daily: Senators show hypocrisy in concern over civil service

  121. 327

    Dan Walters Daily: Drama continues in state controller's race

  122. 328

    Dan Walters Daily: California's aging population has profound impact

  123. 329

    Dan Walters Daily: Bond efforts at odds with Jerry Brown's image

  124. 330

    Department of General Services auction preview

  125. 331

    Dan Walters Daily: California credit rating uptick is only small step

  126. 332

    Taxi drivers, lawmaker push regulations for ride-sharing

  127. 333

    Dan Walters Daily: Water politics complicate drought response

  128. 334

    Dan Walters Daily: Kashkari victory may rely on high-speed rail

  129. 335

    Dan Walters Daily: Lake County will determine controller's race

  130. 336

    Dan Walters Daily: How big is the budget?

  131. 337

    Dan Walters Daily: Top-two primary brings political anomalies

  132. 338

    Dan Walters Daily: Legislative activity booms before summer recess

  133. 339

    Dan Walters Daily: Legislative process lacks transparency

  134. 340

    Dan Walters Daily: Keep an eye on LA County supervisor race

  135. 341

    Dan Walters Daily: Vergara decision boosts state schools chief debate

  136. 342

    Dan Walters Daily: McCarthy ascension could doom high-speed rail

  137. 343

    Dan Walters Daily: Is budget deal something we can all be proud of?

  138. 344

    Rick Perry in Sacramento

  139. 345

    Dan Walters Daily: Court advances tenure issues long ignored by lawmakers

  140. 346

    During budget season, activists rally for causes

  141. 347

    Dan Walters Daily: State controller's race down to photo finish

  142. 348

    Dan Walters Daily: Low-turnout election fodder for bigger debate

  143. 349

    Jerry Brown addresses reporters after voting

  144. 350

    Jack Ohman: Tracking the Governor's Race

  145. 351

    Dan Smith and David Siders on The Governor's Race

  146. 352

    Dan Smith and Andy Furillo: The District Attorney's Race

  147. 353

    Dan Walters: The California Primary Race

  148. 354

    Ami Bera eases into November runoff

  149. 355

    Gov. Jerry Brown discusses 2014 general election campaign

  150. 356

    Dan Smith and Christopher Cadelago: The District 4 and 7 Races

  151. 357

    Triumphant Doug Ose looks ahead to November

  152. 358

    Dan Walters Daily: Leland Yee has surprisingly good election night

  153. 359

    California lawmakers seek to erase Prop. 187 language

  154. 360

    Election Night Preview: Races to Watch

  155. 361

    Dan Walters Daily: Plenty at stake in primary election

  156. 362

    Tim Donnelly on polls

  157. 363

    Dan Walters Daily: Attention returns to budget negotiations

  158. 364

    Dan Walters Daily: Vote-by-mail is future of elections

  159. 365

    Senate Democrats urge spending on mentally ill criminals

  160. 366

    Dan Walters Daily: Legislative 'crunch week' instructive for public

  161. 367

    Neel Kashkari questioned on social views, Obama vote

  162. 368

    Saving El Soldado

  163. 369

    Dan Walters Daily: Pre-kindergarten expansion remains unresolved

  164. 370

    Dan Walters Daily: Do Senate ethics reforms go beyond image?

  165. 371

    Dan Walters Daily: Board of Equalization building is cautionary tale

  166. 372

    Linda Colombo speaks for Ray Nutting supporters

  167. 373

    Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins at Immigrant Day Rally

  168. 374

    Caring for Nathan

  169. 375

    Dan Walters Daily: Schools chief race reflects education policy battles

  170. 376

    Jerry Brown speaks to The Sacramento Bee editorial board

  171. 377

    Mac Taylor reviews the May revise

  172. 378

    Dan Walters Daily: Medical malpractice initiative promises big-money battle

  173. 379

    Dan Walters Daily: Budget serves as political bargaining chip

  174. 380

    Sick state building a paradox for officials

  175. 381

    Dan Walters Daily: After decades of battle, a Prop 13 compromise

  176. 382

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown engages in budget trash talk

  177. 383

    Jerry Brown unveils $156.2 billion May budget revision

  178. 384

    Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins is sworn in

  179. 385

    Dan Walters Daily: Richard Pan plays down political career

  180. 386

    California's drought hits Capitol Park

  181. 387

    Dan Walters Daily: Realignment creates budget battle over new jails

  182. 388

    Dan Walters Daily: California enters new era of 'politics of plenty'

  183. 389

    Dan Walters Daily: Debt-dodging continues for California government

  184. 390

    Darrell Steinberg responds to latest Senate scandal

  185. 391

    Dan Walters Daily: Azerbaijan conflict doesn't need Legislature's input

  186. 392

    Dan Walters Daily: With home prices rising again, so are taxes

  187. 393

    Dan Walters Daily: June primary promises few exciting races, low turnout

  188. 394

    Dan Walters Daily: Dim prospects for undocumented immigrant health care

  189. 395

    Cheryl Brown gets hoppy ending at Capitol Frog Jump

  190. 396

    Annual frog jumping contest at state Capitol in Sacramento

  191. 397

    Dan Walters Daily: California programs have high costs, lackluster results

  192. 398

    Doug Ose touts his credentials

  193. 399

    Tim Donnelly talks Hollywood tax credits

  194. 400

    Beagle freedom march to the Capitol

  195. 401

    Dan Walters Daily: Prop 13 battle returns with parcel tax bill

  196. 402

    Dan Walters Daily: It's crunch time at the Capitol

  197. 403

    Dan Walters Daily: Modest revenue increases boost Brown budget proposal

  198. 404

    Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown gaining Republican support for reelection

  199. 405

    Secretary of state debate at Sacramento Press Club

  200. 406

    Dan Walters Daily: Debra Bowen leaves legacy worth changing

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