It seems I can have a good night's sleep, but autonomic training is somewhat suspicious #Kamoshi





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Published on Sep 5, 2017

Although I omitted it from the article I wrote before
As you study tips on short sleep and other things
I hit the autonomic nerve training method

Weakness of the whole body without thinking! Let me get to sleep better if I let it go
I thought that
It seems to be very close to this
There seems to be effects like something like a way of doing things
Personally you can sleep well If you like it

Because you better sleep when you habitual behavior before going to bed
I think that it may be a part of it

I recently tried doing this before going to bed
It's like Pavlov's dog
I became sleepy when I performed the autonomic nerve training method
It seems to be simpler than human thought

First of all if you are in a futon
Do it with lying down

● 1
Images with heavy limbs
Make an image like water with heavy limbs
If it is a fingernail or a toe
Then extra force will come out and you will feel the weight of your body

● 2
A warm image of limbs
The temperature of the limbs will rise so much as you relax, so that the image that is warm by hitting the sun is adjusted to match it

● 3
My heart pulsates quietly
I thought I wrote something, but this is like meditation
When you are conscious of something

● 4
Consciousness to breathing

● 5
My stomach is hot
Like 2

● 6
Forehead cool and cool

Well I do not know
I sleep as it is for myself
When I am sleepy, I have no memory when I pull out the limbs

I do not really know how to do it properly
It seems like something good for various bodies
On the contrary it looks like some people are bad
I think that it is absolutely not suitable
I recommend you do what you do after examining it by all means

I thought I wrote something but I thought it was funny
Well, I can sleep well so I do not care anything
I feel as if I am weak with consciousness
If I think so
Sound sources on YouTube are suspicious and disgusting

I think the neighborhood is good with individual feeling
Perhaps the autonomic nerve training method will be developed more and more
For now I feel like I slept well and the quality improved, so I think I'm okay with this

If you are interested please try it appropriately

Well, like this


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