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Published on Jun 17, 2011

It's finally here! The final chapter to the Goku vs. Evil Goku series! With an ending your not going to want to miss.

STORY: Goku and the Evil Goku have both achieved Super Saiyan Three! However, the power coming from both these Gokus has weakened the barriers between universes causing both fighters to shift into other distant universes. With both Gokus already dead how can they defeat one another? Don't miss the final epic clash between these two titans in Goku vs. Evil Goku III

**Credits (continued)**
Most music was downloaded from Newgrounds Audio Portal which is free to use as long as you give credit. I do not claim any of the songs used in this video as my own. See the credits of the film for song names and artists.

Hopefully my King Kai and Other Universe Piccolo voices weren't too horrible. King Kai has to quite possibly be the hardest voice to imitate. Every time I hear myself in this video do his voice I think of Yoda. Go easy with the comments on that one. lol

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Total Frames: 22,773
FPS: 30
Dimensions: 1920x1080
Total Save As: 22
Total Layers: 2,763
Total Compositions: 26
**End Credits**

Easter Eggs
Because I didn't have the time, nor the chance to put in any humor i decided to put in some easter eggs hidden in different scenes. You may have to go back and re watch it but you'll find them. Around four or five of them.

Don't read this if you haven't seen the video yet, spoilers are below this point. So the story is now complete, let me break it down if you didn't understand it. Both the Gokus power levels we're generating so much power that it started to weaken the barriers between universes. The concept I came up with is if someone from one universe met themselves from another universe the universe they both currently occupy becomes weakened because there's only meant to be one of each person in one universe. I was really going to go in depth and talk about a persons dna structure and how each dna code is like an address telling you what universe you belong in but i didn't wanna over do it. And Im glad I didn't. So the universe gets weakened and they just randomly emerge in the next closest universe or bubble as the example king kai was trying to use. So every universe they end up in has a different set of laws then the other. This is why there halos kept disappearing in one universe and then reappearing in another. In one universe they'd be alive and in another one they'd be dead because of that universes set of laws. I wanted to stay true to the original story as much as possible. Hence why none of the current dbz fighters from earth came to help Goku. So with that in mind, it wouldn't of made sense to bring them in so i decided to take advantage of using Pikkon for a small portion of the fight. Bringing in the Good Vegeta was something that had to happen because i needed to come full circle with his relationship to the Evil Goku even though i didn't really spend a lot of time developing his character. The ending I debated up until the end. Who was going to win? I went back and forth with this until finally i could only come up with one solution. Goku never loses a fight, or if he does he has some plan or does it on purpose. The Evil Goku never loses a fight as well. Even though I wrote out that the Evil Goku was stronger then Goku showing that Goku could tie with the Evil Goku means they both can not be defeated. Going back to the whole universe idea, you have Goku from universe 1 who is the hero and what he represents can never be defeated. In universe 2 you have the Evil Goku, who what he represents can never be defeated. So all this may sound completely out there but in my opinion having one goku defeat the other would defeat the purpose of there fight. there fight is ever lasting. Good and evil always exist side by side one never truly dominates over the other. If good wins there is always some other evil to challenge it. and if evil wins a new good will emerge to challenge it. Both Gokus are the embodiment of what they are from there universe and having one defeat the other would defeat the purpose of the one thing that is constant in all universes. If you can understand my nerdy explanation then I owe you a cookie! Lastly, after the fight was over the story wrapped up pretty quick. I would have loved to spend more time on the story but a quick ending was perfect for me because Im graduating this quarter from college so I am very busy with projects. Besides, most of the endings in those DBZ films were done quickly as well. Maybe I should have just thrown in a barbecue scene to make it look like one of the ones from the movie. XD Will there be an GVEG4? Hard to say. prolly not, but an Evil Goku vs. Broly? Who knows.


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