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Published on Aug 21, 2012

A lot of controversy over Todd Akin's comments on "Legitimate Rape" and the miracles a woman's uterus can do when it happens. But how does the uterus KNOW when the rape is legitimate? Finally, someone with answers - Me.


How can you tell if it's legitimate rape?
I'll tell you how to spot legitimate rape.
You're not sure if you got legitimate raped?
Well here's a little lesson for you.
Tell me if the following things are true:

I was a little drunk
Illegitimate rape!
I knew the rapist well
Illegitimate rape!
My skirt was kinda short
Illegitimate rape!
I'm married to the man
That's a husband's privilege!

How can you tell if it's legitimate rape?
I'll tell you how to spot legitimate rape.
You're not sure if you got legitimate raped?
Well here's a little lesson for you.
Tell me if the following things are true:

I let him take me out.
illegitimate rape!
I said I was 18.
illegitimate rape!
He didn't have consent.
I'm sure your eyes were saying yes.
I'm pregnant from the rape.
Clearly not legitimate!

So now we all know what's legitimate rape.
We all know who to trust to tell us what's rape.
Republicans who've never experienced rape.
They're the ones I want to decide
That I should keep the baby growing inside.
Because abortion's always wrong.
Glad things are so black and white.

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Alice Ace
This song is so catchy I'm scared that I'm going to accidentally sing it to myself in public. Really don't want to have to try and explain that one lol.
Ronaldo de Lima
Hahahaha...I love it! I also love her facial expressions!
Ivy Meadows
Have i mentioned you're AWESOME?
Legitimate rape means a legitimate case of rape. Noone ever said that a woman can't be raped if she's a little drunk, or if the guy is her husband, or whatever. Feminists simply never want to be questioned about anything. In this country, we have to give people, even your ex-boyfriend who you just foundout is banging your best friend a week after banging you, a fair trial. This means, yes, we do have to question your integrity, and no, it isn't rape if you didn't tell him to stop or use a safe word. Mis-understandings do happen, and you can't simply convict a person on your word alone. Everything said in this song is completely inaccurate. Yes ladies, your body is yours, but your baby is his/her own person which means no, you can't kill them. Sorry, but sometimes, you can't have everything you want. Being raped doesn't make you special. Feminist groups say they aren't rape victums but survivors. Okay, prove it. Be a survivor, not a victum. Don't expect the whole world to change to make you comfortable. Don't demand special treatment. You can give the baby up once he/she is born. This song is an excellent piece of evidence that most highly political feminists don't care about the truth. Honestly, I'm likely beating my head against a brick wall, because no one is going to change their mind because of my comment. No rational argument is going to get through to someone who will only believe what they want to believe. This is how main stream political people argue. They ignore your argument and begin accusing you of saying something you didn't actually say based on some warped view of one word you might've said. It's no longer about proving a case of rape, it's about your hatred for women and your support of rape. You can't actually debate a subject, because one person involved has shut down the entire conversation. You can either answer their comments and be dragged in to a hopeless attempt to prove that you aren't a racist, sexest, homophobic, anti semite, and yes, it will go there, even though you're talking about rape, or you can continue trying to make your point. If you do the latter, expect the person you're talking to not to answer your statements or questions, they will simply respond to you with accusations and perversions of what you said. This only helps if others are in the room and can benefit from hearing what you are saying. One last thing, please don't try to prove to these people that you aren't what they say you are. First, they have already decided what you are and that, in this case, you hate women and love rape, so good luck getting blood from a stone. Secondly, you owe them nothing. They have no authority. Their opinion means nothing. You do not need their approval, so please don't beg for it. You are who you are, and you believe what you believe. Others can either deal with it, or not, their choice. Just don't change your opinions or lie about them so people will like you. It's just sad.
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Cindi S
Killing a baby is MURDER.
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This red tie vs blue tie shit runs so deep that there are people here actually defending Akin's comment...
Akin lost in the election!  Yay!
shona graham
Let's not forget Assange forcing a woman's legs apart to penetrate her being an argument over condoms according to Zizek on college campuses across the USA!
Buffy McMuffin
That eyebrow at the end!
William Bravo
Listening to Cognitive Dissonance's back catalog and just finished #62 so here I am! The song is (literally) wicked hilarious. So 'twould seem I now have another back catalog for the queue. Cheers ~ Will
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