Using Romney Care to Defend Bain Record Suggests No Obama Care Repeal?





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Published on Aug 8, 2012

It should have been a "no-brainer." It should have been an easy defense. But it seems it is once again amateur hour on the Romney campaign. It isn't so much that their responses are wrong, it is just that their responses are not right. Increasingly, there are tell tale signs that Gov. Romney intends to run on the left of Obama, just as he ran on the left against Teddy Kennedy.

Today Andrea Saul appeared on Fox News to respond to the Obama Campaign's newest negative ad on Gov. Romney. In that ad, the Obama campaign makes a logical leap of an enormous magnitude to suggest that a death was tied to Bain capital and Gov. Romney. But as always with the Romney campaign, it is the way in which they defend the governor that is disconcerting. Andrea Saul claimed that had the family lived in Massachusetts, the person would have been covered by Romney Care and would not have died. What the answer revealed, in a horrifying for conservatives, that President Romney would not likely repeal Obama Care.

First, there was the European gaffe tour, but that is somewhat forgivable. Moving from technician to world leader can be an awkward move in the best of times, and certainly for Mitt Romney, this has been no exception. One would have thought a worldly banker would have done better, but apparently, even global bankers have their moments ruffling tail feathers. While rather amusing, it is something that he can overcome in time, and certainly not as bad as quoting a Shakespearean death threat in the form of a toast to the Queen.

Second, there was the squandering of a golden opportunity in the form of a first amendment protests and thereby relegating Sen. Reid's imaginary friend and the imaginary tax problems to the newspaper pages between the automotive and forclosure listings and just above the crossword puzzle and the suduko. Sadly, Gov. Romney decided that standing up for free speech, as it applies to Christian businessmen, was not part of his campaign. He didn't want to get "off message" and remain disciplined. Yet, the whole time spent responding to Sen. Reid's imaginary friend was considered "on message."

Shockingly, I thought running for an office sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States was about as "on message" a Presidential candidate could get. Silly me, I guess I am still not getting the message.

But the message I got today was pretty clear. Governor Romney has no intention to repeal Obama Care. His staff certainly doesn't believe he will, and operate as if they will do so. The message I am getting is that Gov. Romney is running as far away as he can from the coalition of Christians and conservatives that make up the "not-Romneys" and that he plans to run against Barack Obama the way he did Tedd Kenndy, to the left.

Please spare your breath and keyboard energy telling me that if I don't support Romney then I must be supporting Obama. That is utter nonsense. Governor Romney is not yet the nominee. By his own words, over 50% of the delegates to the National Convention identify themselves as Evangelicals. By governor Romney's own accounting to his own donors, he had only 1122 of the 1144 needed to secure the nomination, which is why he is spending so much money displacing Ron Paul delegates and attempting to acquire the loyalty of the Santorum delegates.


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