SC2 Speedrun, Part 7/8: Echoes of the Future, The Moebius Factor, Supernova, Maw of the Void





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Published on Jul 28, 2011

Full notes on the run here:

Notes on these missions:
13. Echoes of the Future 2m51s. (starts 0:05)
This basic strategy for doing this level has been known for a while. The only complication is getting the research points, but the two starting Colossi can clear the way for Probes to get to those easily. The only issue is doing it all smoothly. I did miss a Blink near the end because the Observer was out of position, but on retrying the level I couldn't get a better time. Something to do with the dialogue triggers, I think, meant I had to wait anyway. Maybe if I made sure to get the Pylons up more quickly the level would end sooner though.

14. The Moebius Factor 3m34s. (starts 3:26)
Everything is basically evident in the video. Better micro could probably save time once again.

15. Supernova 4m31s. (starts 7:34)
This took a lot of tries. There are a number of danger points where if I lose either a Banshee or the Medivac I have to restart.
--Passing south of the first Protoss base: there's often another Stalker that aggros here from the south. Also, the one I'm shooting from the high ground often paths around and shows up while I'm dealing with the Archons, but this time it never reappeared.
--Dealing with the Archons: I'm not sure why they sometimes aggro on the Medivac instead of the nearer SCV's, like you see here, but it helps get free damage in. I might have been to fly over even more aggressively, but finishing this portion with full HP on all the ships probably made the end a bit faster anyway.
--Flying between the two final bases: I uncloak here since I'm going to be detection range for a while anyway, and I need the energy for the end. Getting to that final clearing is a bit tricky--if a ship flies around the east side of that big obelisk, it often dies to the Cannon on that side. But if you go too far west of it, you aggro the Scout visible at the edge of the screen, which is fatal. Have to manage to keep the ships reasonably clumped right at that moment.
--Taking out the Cannons: the first one is easy, just get it down fast while repairing. For the second one, if the Banshees are any further south the come in range of the next Cannon as well. This is sort of sweet spot where I can get a little more repairing in. For the third, I move as far away as possible so the Phoenix has extra travel time. One more shot from that Phoenix and I have to restart. I cloak as as Cannon is going down, which aggros the Phoenix onto the Medivac, who can lead it away while the Banshees take out the Pylon and unpower the final Cannon (they're visible while doing this).
--Way back at the beginning of the level I had resources that I wasn't using for anything so I threw down an Armory and researched +1 for the Banshees. It finishes 22 seconds before the mission ends, so it probably saved around 2 seconds. This is the only time in the entire campaign (outside of fixed-time levels) that I got an upgrade.

16. Maw of the Void 2m36s. (starts 12:02)
Boy, things get a lot more fun now that we have Orbital Strike. Note that killing the objective with 2 Ghosts and 2 nukes is tricky--it has 1200 HP and 2 nukes only do 1000. The key is to get its shield down so it started taking Rip-field damage, and to keep the first Ghost plinking at it long enough that the shields don't regenerate while the second nuke is casting. There winds up being just enough ancillary damage to bring it down right after the second nuke lands. Really, once you get the Tech Lab and the silos building, the level is mostly self-working. The only tricky part is getting the first Ghost cloaked as soon as he lands, since it triggers two cutscenes. In this run he takes no damage from anything besides Rip-fields, so he probably did as much damage as is possible to the Vault before dying.


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