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Published on Feb 22, 2013

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This time, we're covering the Tac-45.

The second pistol, and high-damage semi-automatic option - taking on a similar role to the 6-round revolvers seen in previous games.

The Tac-45 is based on the real-life FNP Tactical, manufactured by FN Herstal.

Introduced in 2006, the FNP is a modern semi-automatic pistol available in a variety of calibres, designed as flexible offering for police and special forces.

With its roots in earlier FN designs, the FNP can be thought of as an update to John Browning's classic High Power handgun design.

The FNP-45 is chambered in the .45 ACP cartridge, the same powerful round the M1911 fires, and this power is reflected in-game.

The Tac-45 is a high damage pistol: although it shares the same basic damage profile as the Five-seven, the Tac-45 has a much longer 2-hit kill.

This means in most functional circumstances - i.e. at a close range - the Tac-45 will deal greater damage than the Five-seven.

At a distance, however, you may need up to six shots to kill - which means the Tac-45 will find itself at a disadvantage for a number of reasons.

The Firecap is lower, for one - the Tac-45 will top out at 625 rounds per minute with an able trigger finger, compared to the Five-seven's 750 rounds per minute.

This doesn't make much functional difference, as firing this quickly will hamper your accuracy and quickly deplete your magazine - with the Tac-45 it is generally better to ensure your shots count.

Hipfire performance is good, in line with the other pistols: combined with the higher close-range damage, the Tac-45 will prove relatively reliable when fired from the hip.

Recoil is significantly higher than the Five-seven: not enough to really harm effectiveness at a close range, but it might limit your long-range potential.

Aim time is very quick, at around 130 milliseconds - and you'll move at 100 percent of the maximum base speed, as with all the pistols.

Magazine capacity is another area in which the Tac-45 loses out to its semi-auto rival: unlike the generous capacity of the Five-seven, you'll have a mere 10 rounds per reload.

Although this is significantly better than the high-power revolvers in games past, 10 rounds can quickly disappear, and this means the Tac-45 is a weapon that calls for careful shot placement for maximum effectiveness.

Reloads are very quick, if quite frequent - at 1.45 seconds.

Your initial ammunition supply is quite limited - as you'll be equipped with just 4 mags upon spawn, for just 40 rounds total by default.

The Tac-45 is primarily suited to a backup role: its rapid handling and limited zone of usefulness means it's more effective as a close-range backup than as a surrogate primary.

The Tac-45 is an excellent secondary backup for those able to accurately place shots upon close-range targets.

Its high close range damage means even those without rapid trigger fingers can quickly down close-range assailants, and the rapid switch times associated with the pistols means the Tac-45 is a very viable backup weapon.

Of course, you pay for this higher damage with some adverse handling traits when compared to the Tac-45's nearest rival, the Five-seven.

A smaller magazine and elevated level of recoil means careful shooting is necessary, and outside of your two-hit kill zone you'll find yourself at a distinct disadvantage as a result.

Still, the pistols intended role is as a close-range backup - and to that end the Tac-45's elevated damage makes it more than a fair trade-off.

This high-power handgun fires a hard-hitting round, certain to impact your opponent's momentum, much to their chagrin.

Indeed, the mighty Newtonian force of the forty-five calibre...

...might elicit an equal and opposite reaction.


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