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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011

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BIOTECH + INFORMATION TECH (I.T.) + NEURON SCIENCE = BIRTH OF N.W.O. Whether the average American believes it or not, it is a well-documented fact that a select few "elite" families have been striving to create a "New World Order" since the early 1900's. This "New Order" was the driving force behind Hitler's "Third Reich" and the inhumane atrocities of the Nazis. Hitler was funded and brought to power by these "elite" banking families, and their "point man" was none other than Prescott Bush, the father of George HW Bush, and the grandfather of our last president nicknamed "Dubya" (2) . It should never be forgotten that an integral part of this dark agenda is the "science of eugenics" or, in plain language -- the establishment of a "master race" of white supermen while eliminating all "inferior" races from existing on planet earth. World War II did not end this godless insanity; it only caused it to go underground, working in covert secrecy, and planning for a "new unveiling" on a global scale. Eugenics did not originate in Nazi Germany, but rather, in the United States [Rockefellers], the "Land of the Free". Furthermore, the sad reality is that the vast majority of the sadistic Nazi Gestapo S.S. officers under General Reinhardt Gehlen {photo right] (Hitler's head of intelligence and covert Gestapo head) were given new identities, American citizenship papers, and employment in the newly-created Central Intelligence Agency as well as the NSA. We're not talking about a few hundred upper echelon Nazis here, but literally thousands! The second generation of Gestapo thugs and Nazi leadership is alive and well today. Its name is DynCorp International. -- and like an octopus hiding amongst the rocks of a coral reef, its dastardly tentacles has penetrated deep into, and gained virtual control of the DHS, the CIA, and of course, the NSA.
This paper will show strong evidence that DynCorp International is the driving force behind the manufacturing of weaponized viruses such as the "Novel H1N1", and will also expose the true agenda behind their desire to vaccinate the world. The evidence shows that DynCorp is responsible for the creation of these viruses at Ft. Detrick Maryland, the placing of nano-RFID chips into the virus' vaccine needles, and finally, the expansion of multiple new and immensely powerful TRACKING COMPUTERS for the NSA to implement the "final solution" and quite literally, to control and subjugate the entire world. It literally follows this "B.A.N.G." formula --- Bits (super-computers) control Atoms (nano-chips) which control Neurons (human mind control) which control Genes (Nazi Eugenics (4)). Make no mistake, the TECHNOLOGY TO COMPLETELY PROGRAM AND EVEN BUILD HUMANS IN THE LAB EXISTS AND IS BEING UTILIZED TODAY.
The NSA's super-computers on-line at Fort. Meade literally scan the entire world's telecommunications and record "suspicious" conversations. Likewise, the same super-computers have combined with biological nano-tech to literally resurrect and re-create various versions of the 1918 Killer Virus that killed millions of people worldwide (5). The next phase is to use the same nano-tech to control the NEURONS of the human brain in massive, world-wide computerized mind control -- with the ultimate goal to eventually control the human GENE POOL -- ala the Nazi agenda of 1938. Let's explore the evidence behind each of these fact-based allegations. Consider the evidence trail, and draw your own conclusions.


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