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  1. Y.V.E. 48 - On The Road (Official Music Video)

  2. Cosmic Gate - Start To Feel [OUT NOW!]

  3. Armada 10 Years - A Flashback

  4. Sick Individuals - Wasting Moonlight [OUT July 14th!]

  5. Aly & Fila with Jaren - For All Time (Official Music Video)

  6. Heatbeat - Aerys (Official Music Video)

  7. Chicane feat. Senadee - No More I Sleep (Official Music Video)

  8. Matisse & Sadko - Azonto (Official Music Video)

  9. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere - Falling Back (Official Music Video)

  10. Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Official Music Video)

  11. Andrea Roma & Matt Minimal - #Hope

  12. BT - Vervoeren (Official Music Video)

  13. Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon - Ahead Of Us (Official Music Video)

  14. Planet Of Sound - We Are Together (Official Music Video)

  15. Bontan - Move On Out (Official Music Video)

  16. Mark Knight - The Return Of Wolfy (Official Music Video)

  17. Dash Berlin & Rigby - Earth Meets Water (Official Music Video)

  18. Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans - Alone (Official Music Video)

  19. Booka Shade feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner - Crossing Borders (Official Music Video)

  20. Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 2014 [OUT NOW!]

  21. Orjan Nilsen & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Apart (Official Music Video)

  22. BT, JES & Fractal - Letting Go (Official Music Video)

  23. Armada Sunset [OUT NOW!]

  24. Armin van Buuren - Save My Night (Official Music Video)

  25. KANT - Never you Mind (Official Music Video)

  26. EDX - Reckless Ardor (Official Music Video)

  27. Loden in NY - The Magic Room (Dino Lenny Remix) (Official Music Video)

  28. Adriatique feat. Name One - Midnight Walking (Official Music Video)

  29. Armin Only Intense Road Movie Episode 7: St Petersburg

  30. Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora - Come On Now (Set It Off) (Official Music Video)

  31. Grum - In Love (Official Music Video)

  32. Markus Schulz - Scream 2 [OUT NOW!]

  33. Qubicon & Reunify feat. Yoshi Breen - Utopia (Official Music Video)

  34. Armada presents Deep House Essentials #002 [OUT NOW!]

  35. WEKEED - Wild Child (Official Music Video)

  36. Lexy & K-Paul Feat. Yasha - Killing Me (Official Music Video)

  37. Kat Krazy feat. elkka - Siren (Official Music Video)

  38. Andrea Roma feat. Leusin - Still Loving (Official Music Video)

  39. Lush & Simon feat. Rico & Miella - Drag Me To The Ground (Official Music Video)

  40. Groove Armada & Brodanse feat. Cari Golden - Sweat (Official Music Video)

  41. Husman - EVOL (Official Music Video)

  42. Kat Krazy feat. elkka - Siren (Armin van Buuren Remix - Official Extended Video)

  43. SESA - Bring The Noise (Official Music Video)

  44. Chassio - Hurricane (Official Music Video)

  45. Martin Volt & Quentin State feat. Rico & Miella - Shadows (Rico & Miella Acoustic Music Video)

  46. Armin van Buuren & The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra perform for new Dutch king Willem-Alexander

  47. Aly & Fila and Susana - Without You (Official Music Video)

  48. Booka Shade - Love Inc (Official Music Video)

  49. Audien feat. Michael S. - Leaving You (Official Music Video)

  50. Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior (Official Music Video)

  51. Tom Novy feat. Amadeas - Dancing In The Sun (Official Music Video)

  52. Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (Official Lyric Video)

  53. Maison & Dragen feat. Toni Nielson - Immortal Love (Official Music Video)

  54. Armin van Buuren & W&W - D# Fat (Official Music Video)

  55. Dirty Disco Youth - Black Diamond (Official Music Video)

  56. Mark Knight & D. Ramirez V Underworld - Downpipe (Official Music Video)

  57. Audien feat. Michael S. - Leaving You (Official Lyric Video)

  58. Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (Official Music Video)

  59. Hardwell & Dyro feat. Bright Lights - Never Say Goodbye (Official Music Video)

  60. Armin van Buuren feat. Cindy Alma - Beautiful Life (Official Music Video)

  61. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Neil Ormandy - Tomorrow Comes (Official Lyric Video)

  62. BT & Aqualung - Surrounded (Official Music Video)

  63. Dash Berlin ft. Christina Novelli - Jar Of Hearts (Official Music Video)

  64. Christian Burns & Paul van Dyk - We Are Tonight (Official Music Video)

  65. Orjan Nilsen feat. Natalie Peris - Saint Out Of Me (Official Music Video)

  66. Christian Burns & Paul van Dyk - We Are Tonight (We Are One Festival, Berlin, July 2013)

  67. Orjan Nilsen - XIING (Official Music Video)

  68. Dash Berlin & Alexander Popov feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Steal You Away (Official Music Video)

  69. Dankann & Antillas feat. Laurell - When You Love Someone (Official Music Video)

  70. BT - Skylarking (Official Music Video)

  71. Shogun feat. Tania Zygar - Find Me (Official Music Video)

  72. Alexander Popov - Moscow Subway (Official Music Video)

  73. Mischa Daniels feat. Sharon Doorson - Can't Live Without You (Official Music Video)

  74. Sono - Keep Control (H.O.S.H. Remix) (Official Music Video)

  75. Aly & Fila feat. Chris Jones - Running Out Of Time (Official Music Video)

  76. Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd - Apollo (Official Music Video)

  77. Markus Schulz - Tempted (Official Music Video)

  78. Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat Adrina Thorpe - Perfect Love (Official Music Video)

  79. Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy - Look Around You (Official Music Video)

  80. Aly & Fila vs Jwaydan - Coming Home (Official Music Video)

  81. Antillas & Dankann - Evolution (Official Music Video)

  82. MaRLo feat. Sarah Swagger - Always Be Around (Official Music Video)

  83. Poncho feat. Paul Oakenfold & Maxi Trusso - Please Me (Official Music Video)

  84. Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash - Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix) (Official Music Video)

  85. Aly & Fila feat. Josie - Listening (Official Music Video) [High Quality]

  86. Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns - One Thousand Suns (Official Music Video)

  87. Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash - Under The Gun (Official Music Video)

  88. Paul Oakenfold feat. Austin Bis - Who Do You Love (Official Music Video)

  89. Arty, Nadia Ali & BT - Must Be The Love (Official Music Video)

  90. Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan - We Control The Sunlight (Official Music Video)

  91. W&W - Lift Off! (Official Music Video)

  92. Markus Schulz - The Spiritual Gateway (Transmission Theme 2013) (Official Music Video)

  93. Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me (Official Music Video)

  94. Dash Berlin ft. Chris Madin - Fool For Life (Official Music Video)

  95. Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora - Waiting For The Night (Official Music Video)

  96. Aly & Fila feat. Denise Rivera - My Mind is With You (Official Music Video) [High Quality]

  97. Armin van Buuren & Markus Schulz - The Expedition (A State Of Trance 600 Anthem) (Music Video)

  98. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Shannon Hurley - Monday Morning Madness (Official Music Video)

  99. tyDi feat. Christina Novelli - Fire & Load (Official Music Video)

  100. Paul van Dyk feat. Adam Young - Eternity (Official Music Video)

  101. Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel - In and Out of Love (Official Music Video)

  102. Sunlounger & Zara Taylor - Try To Be Love (Official Music Video)

  103. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Betsie Larkin - Play It Back (Official Music Video)

  104. Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora - Waiting For The Night (Official International Music Video)

  105. Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii Remix) [Official Music Video]

  106. tyDi feat. Sarah Howells - When I Go (Official Music Video)

  107. Emma Hewitt - Rewind (Mikkas Remix)

  108. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Amba Shepherd - Lost For Words (Official Music Video)

  109. Dash Berlin ft. Kate Walsh - When You Were Around (Official Music Video)

  110. Hardwell - The World (Official Music Video)

  111. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Trespass (Official Music Video)

  112. Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (Official Music Video)

  113. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun - An Angel's Love (Official Music Video)

  114. Hardwell - Encoded (Official Music Video)

  115. Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - I'll Listen (Official Music Video)

  116. Hardwell - Cobra (Official Music Video)

  117. Markus Schulz feat. Seri - Love Rain Down (Official Music Video)

  118. Emma Hewitt - Foolish Boy (Official Music Video)

  119. Chicane & Ferry Corsten - One Thousand Suns (Original Mix) [Official Music Video]

  120. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren and Chris Jones - Starting Right Now (Official Music Video)

  121. Markus Schulz - Rain (Official Music Video)

  122. Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Official Music Video) [Full HD]

  123. Chicane & Ferry Corsten - One Thousand Suns (Soundprank Remix) [Official Music Video]

  124. Hardwell feat. Mitch Crown - Call Me A Spaceman (Official Music Video)

  125. Markus Schulz - Do You Dream (Official Music Video)

  126. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Like Spinning Plates (Official Music Video)

  127. Antillas & Blinders feat. Jenson Vaughan - Top Of The World (Official Music Video)

  128. W&W - Moscow (Official Music Video)

  129. Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco - Saturn (Official Music Video)

  130. Dash Berlin feat. Chris Madin - Silence In Your Heart (Official Music Video)

  131. Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar - Caught (Official Music Video)

  132. Christian Burns & Stefan Dabruck - Bullet (Official Music Video)

  133. Susana & Max Graham - Down To Nothing (Official Music Video)

  134. Dash Berlin with Shogun - Callisto (Official Music Video)

  135. W&W & Jochen Miller - Summer (Official Music Video)

  136. Armin van Buuren - We Are Here To Make Some Noise (Official Music Video)

  137. Roger Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Dance With Me (Club Mix) [Official Music Video]

  138. Emma Hewitt - Miss You Paradise (Original Mix) [Official Music Video]

  139. Roger Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Dance With Me (Official Music Video)

  140. Dabruck & Klein feat. Anna McDonald - All About You (Official Music Video)

  141. Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - J'ai Envie De Toi (Official Music Video)

  142. Emma Hewitt - Miss You Paradise (Shogun Remix) (Official Music Video)

  143. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren with Rank 1 - Witness (Official Music Video)

  144. Matt Darey & Stan Kolev feat. Aelyn - Follow You (Official Music Video)

  145. Dash Berlin ft. Sarah Howells - Go It Alone (Official Music Video)

  146. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren with Rank 1 - Witness (Official Acoustic Video)

  147. Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen - Shine (Official Music Video)

  148. W&W - Invasion (ASOT 550 Anthem)(Official Music Video)

  149. Antillas feat. Fiora - Damaged (Official Music Video)

  150. Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Forward Facing (Acoustic Mix)

  151. Armin van Buuren - Orbion (Official Music Video)

  152. Paul van Dyk VERANO featuring Austin Leeds (Official Music Video)

  153. Dabruck & Klein feat. Ollie James - I Found Love (Official Music Video) 4K

  154. Wiegel Meirmans Snitker - Nova Zembla (Armin van Buuren Remix) Official Music Video

  155. Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - World Falls Apart (Official Music Video)

  156. Emma Hewitt - Colours (Armin van Buuren Remix) (Official Music Video)

  157. Matt Darey feat. Leah - Hold Your Breath (KhoMha Remix) (Official Music Video)

  158. Emma Hewitt - Colours (Official Music Video)

  159. Chicane - Going Deep (Official Music Video)

  160. W&W feat. Bree - Nowhere To Go (Alternative Version) (Official Music Video)

  161. W&W feat. Bree - Nowhere To Go (Official Music Video)

  162. Laura Jansen - Use Somebody (Armin van Buuren Rework) (Official Music Video)

  163. Armin van Buuren feat. Adam Young - Youtopia (Official Music Video)

  164. Dabruck & Klein - 2:48 AM (Official Music Video)

  165. Roger Shah feat. Moya Brennan - Morning Star (Orchestral Version) (Official Music Video)

  166. Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me (Acoustic)

  167. Full Tilt feat. Deirdre McLaughlin - Calling My Name (Official Music Video)

  168. Lost Witness vs Antillas & Dankann feat. Sarah Jane Neild - Chasing Rainbows (Official Music Video)

  169. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Official Music Video)

  170. Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen - Hide U (Official Music Video)

  171. Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me (Official Music Video)

  172. Dabruck & Klein feat. Julian Smith - The Flavour (Official Music Video)

  173. Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali - Feels So Good (Tristan Garner Remix) [Official Music Video]

  174. W&W feat. Ana Criado - Three O'Clock (Official Music Video)

  175. Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali - Feels So Good (Official Music Video)

  176. Roger Shah feat. Moya Brennan - Morning Star (Official Music Video)

  177. Orjan Nilsen feat. Neev Kennedy - Anywhere But Here (Official Music Video)

  178. Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) Official Video

  179. Brian - Drowning (Armin van Buuren Cover)

  180. Markus Schulz presents Dakota feat. Grandmaster Mele Mel & Scorpio - Sleepwalkers (Music Video)

  181. Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Hot As Hades (Official Music Video)

  182. W&W vs Wezz Devall - Phantom (ASOT 500 Aftermovie)

  183. John O'Callaghan & Betsie Larkin - Save This Moment (Official Music Video)

  184. Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Remix) (Official Music Video) [Full HD]

  185. Roger Shah presents Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Feels Like Heaven (Official Music Video)

  186. Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Official Music Video) [Full HD]

  187. Dabruck & Klein feat. Stella Attar - Heartbeat (Official Music Video) [Full HD]

  188. Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - Status Excessu D (ASOT 500 Theme) [Official Music Video]

  189. W&W - Impact (Official Music Video)

  190. Markus Schulz - Future Cities (Official Music Video) [Full HD]

  191. Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii Remix) [Official Music Video]

  192. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Disarm Yourself (Official Music Video)

  193. Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us (Official Music Video)

  194. Dabruck & Klein and Jean Elan - I've Got My Pride (Hold My Head High) [Official Music Video]

  195. Roger Shah presents Sunlounger - Son Of A Beach (Official Album Video)

  196. Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss - Firefly (Official Music Video)

  197. Armin van Buuren VS. Rank 1 - This World Is Watching Me (Official Music Video)