Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine - Rocket Launcher




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Published on Nov 6, 2014

©2014 Dragoon Entertainment


A video showing the Rocket Launcher weapon type and some of its abilities.

Rocket Launchers are powerful, unlimited range weapons with a very large area of effect. Despite all of these positive traits, they have heavy downsides, two of which are a low base ammo of 2 and that allies and the user can be hit by the rocket, as well.

Despite being loud (which draws enemies towards the source of the noise), Rocket Launchers are ironically considered "stealth" weapons from a gameplay point of view, as they are difficult to use mid-combat and their range, power and area of effect are great for fighting enemies from a distance outside of battle.

Competencies shown in the video include:

Danger Zone - The closer the user is to their own rocket blast, the more damage the rocket deals. Very dangerous to use effectively, as it requires the user to be just outside the explosion range to get the most out of it.
Scatter - All loud actions cause enemies to run away from noise, rather than toward it. While it applies to all loud actions and not just Rocket Launchers, it is learned through the Rocket Launcher skill tree.
Rocket Loss - Lower chance of expending rocket ammo. Very useful, given the Rocket Launcher's low base ammo.
Ground Zero - Characters closer to the center of the explosion receive higher damage.
Implosion - Enemies caught in a rocket blast are dragged towards the center of the blast. Knockback formulae apply here.
Sledgehammer to Rocket Launcher Juggle Devastate - "Juggling" weapons from Sledgehammer(s) to Rocket Launcher will cause the next Rocket Launcher attack to add a Danger Zone Competency and the user and allies do not suffer damage from the rocket. Allows Rocket Launchers to be more suitable for close combat.

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