5 BEST Tips For Toning, Sculpting, and Increasing Definition in your Body (Fat Loss Help!)





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Published on Feb 18, 2011

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Running is useless. So is doing high reps of low weight repeatedly. If you do those two things you can expect to waste a lot of time and get very frustrated and maybe even make a sad face .

If there are areas of your body that are flabby and you want to tone and tighten then up, this video is for you. I'm once again going to unveil my Ninja tactics concerning developing a harder, firmer look, wait what the heck are we talking about? HIT ME

You seeing, toning for guys or girls is really about increasing myogenic tonus, or how firm the muscle feels and looks at rest.

A perfect example for guys is an Olympic lifter or for a woman is any bikini body that looks nice and firm. Jessica Alba might not know what she's doing, but her trainer does.

Myogenic tonus determines how firm the muscles look. This is where the word tone comes from. Toning does not come from running or lifting high reps of a lighter weight. Those are muscular endurance exercises.

To increase myogenic tonus, you have to increase the density of the muscle. To do this, you need to lift heavier weights explosively, consistently!

Sounds simple, but let me explain. The faster you lift a weight, the more muscle fibres you recruit, and the heavier the weight, the denser the muscle will become. The more times you do this, the firmer the muscle will be.

This is true for males, females, dogs, everyone!

Here are 5 simple Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By
1. Never exceed 15 reps in any major movement unless its a circuit

2. Targeting a muscle will stimulate it and cause it to grow. If your arms are flabby, train those arms!

3. Integrate compound movements that work multiple muscles as your top workout priority

4. Balance your hormones by ensuring 8 hours of sleep
5. proper nutrition

Your diet should be low in sugar, grains, caffeine, empty carbs and any other junk thats not useful for your body. Fuel your body with plenty of protein, high fibre, healthy fats and carbs around work outs. This will balance your hormones and keep you in awesome shape.

In summary.
Nobody likes chicken wings for arms and you should have to settle for less. Change your work outs to be more intense, explosive, and accumulate enough time in the gym and you too will be sporting that beach body on the beach and you can even impress all your friends by explaining all about myogenic tonus.

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