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Published on Nov 20, 2007

http://www.AndreaAlbright.com - Healthy weight loss advice to Get control of your cravings and lose the weight forever.

I know that you probably feel like when you have a craving, the only thing that makes it go away is to eat the craving, right?

When you want French fries, you need French fries and that's the only time that it'll stop your obsession with French fries.

Well, I've discovered a different approach.

I have been addicted to fried foods, to red meat, and to sugar.
I use to think that I had to eat all those foods every day and through breaking those addictions, I realized a lot about cravings and what they really mean.

You think you want French fries but really, your body is trying to tell you something.

When your body does not have the right balance of vitamins and minerals, it will send out a signal trying to get you to eat something just this very powerful eat now, eat now, I need a vitamin, I need a mineral.

And you get that sensation, I need to eat something because if your body can get you eating, the odds of it getting that mineral are much higher than if you're just not eating, right?

So your body is trying to say, I need this, I need this; you've got to start eating.

You think you want French fries because you saw an advertisement or you walked by a fast food restaurant and you smelled the fries cooking, but that translation between your body saying, I'm needing a mineral or a vitamin and up to your brain that says, I want French fries;

It's miscommunicating. It's confusing.

And what happens is you go and eat those French fries because you think that's what you want. You eat the French fries and what happens right after? You crave something else, right?

Usually, you might want something sweet or something a little bit heavier. All of a sudden, you have another craving for something else.

Well, if you're craving was satisfied by the French fries then the cravings would go away completely.

But now your body is like, okay try to get her to eat something else because I still didn't get that vitamin or that mineral that I need, and then you go and you eat something sweet thinking, that's what I want because that's what I'm craving.

Well, You Can Turn This Process Around Just Like I Did!

The way I did it was, I started eating whole natural foods not processed junk food.

Processed foods, contains so much chemicals; so much crap and there's very little nutrition if any nutrition at all that you can literally be stuffed and starving at the same time.

You're stuffed on junk food, French fries, hamburgers, pizza, but you're starving to death. Your body is not getting any vitamins, any minerals that it needs and so that's why it's telling you to eat all the time. I'm starving over here is what your body is saying.

When you start eating whole natural foods, your body gets what it needs. It gets the vitamins, it gets the minerals and so, therefore, you don't have cravings. You don't have that overwhelming desire to eat French fries and pizza because really that's just up here.

It's Just Psychological!

You think that you want that, but really your body needs nourishment, needs nutrition.

And by just turning your diet around to whole foods that are natural, you'll notice that you're not craving French fries and pizza and chocolate like you used to and you'll think that it's something miraculous, but it's just because this is your natural way of living. This is how you're supposed to feel.

When you give your body the nourishment, the nutrition, the vitamins that it needs, it doesn't send out these powerful craving 'to eat, eat and eat signals' and then you feel more control of your life and of your body.

And that's what happened to me and I've seen it happen to lots of other women too. I know that it can happen in your life.

Find out more information about cravings and about psychological messages that you're sending and how to interpret the signals that are coming from your body.


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