郭素沁2013贺岁短片:新年敢敢试 (2) Teresa Kok 2013 CNY video clip: Dare to Try (2)





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Published on Jan 31, 2013

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrrmeY...

DAP MP for Seputeh & Senior Exco for Selangor Teresa Kok produced a Chinese New Year video clip for year 2013, with the message to urge people to dare to try new options. In Mandarin, the word "snake" and "try" has more or less same pronunciation. In the year of snake and in the wake of 13th General Elections, it is important for the Malaysian people to dare to vote for change.



Get me your best hairstylist! 我要最厉害的理发师!

"I don't like changes... very troublesome. For decades, it's been the same salon, same hairstylist, same hairstyle for me." 我这个人呢,很怕麻烦。做事不喜欢换来换去的。我呀,用同一间发型屋,同样的理发师,剪同一款发型几十年了。

Then why change salon and hairstylist all of a sudden? 哦。那么先在为什么想换发型屋,换理发师呢?

"That hairstylist cheated me! So frustrating! 我的理发师骗我!我非常生气!

I take pride in my hair. His charges are outrageous, but I've never even asked for a discount!" 发型对我而言是很重要的。他征收的费用高,我也从来没有向他讨价还价。

Then why change hairstylist now? 你从来都没有想过要试一试其他的理发师吗?

"Because I realised that I shouldn't have trusted him! Celebrity hairstylist my a**! Luckily I found out that he's been using cheap hair products on my hair! I treated him like a BFF... but he treated me like an SFF!" 我就是信错了他,什么有名的理发师。皇天不负有心人,让我发现他用低级的产品跟我电头发!我当他是BFF,他就当我是SFF。

Hah? 哈?

Stupid Friend Forever! 笨蛋。

It's a new year, I'll help you change to a new hairstyle. 新年到了,我就帮你换个发型吧!

Hah?! 哈?!

Are you serious?... I've had this hairstyle for the past few decades... I'm afraid the new hairstyle won't suit me. 要换吗?哎哟,几十年都没换过,不知道换了适不适合我。

Then which hairstyle do you think would suit you best? 那你就要问你自己,什么发型才适合你?

"I get what you mean... I also feel that if I don't change, I'll be very outdated... But that horrible hairstylist told me not to change here, change there. He said just stick to the same hairstyle because it best suits me." 是咯。我是觉得一成不变好像跟不上潮流,但那个坏理发师又叫我不要换来换去,简单就好了。

Trust me... most importantly, trust yourself. 相信我,但最重要的还是要信你自己。

"Hmmm... you look rather familiar... where have I seen you before?... Well, you don't look like one to cheat others. OK, OK, I'll trust you!" 你好像很面善。看你的样子应该不会骗人的,就信你啦。

"Ehhhh! What if it doesn't suit me? I'll be in deep trouble! Ah! Whatever! Just do it!!" 但是,改了不适合的话就糟了。哎呀,死就死吧!

20 minutes later... 20 分钟后。。。

What the... I should have changed a long time ago! 真的早就应该换啦

"It's a new year! Out with the old, in with the new. Dare to try!" 过新年,要去久迎新就要敢敢换!


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