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Published on Apr 4, 2012

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The trick to getting an army going it starting small, Under 25 swadian recruits to start. Start upgrading them into man at arms and then to knights. Just go easy and take small fights until you start getting more than 2-3 man at arms, then its just mowing the lawn with your enemies bodies. Enjoy!
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the master baiter
The whole video is just "i like horses" for 14 minutes.
ⵄⴰⴱⴷ ⵚⴰⵎⴰⴷ ⴰⵊⴹⴰⵔ
let your fancy knights face my Rhodocks spearmen, and to add more fun with some sharpshooters the best crossbowmen in the land.
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Eric Marshock
ⵄⴰⴱⴷ ⵚⴰⵎⴰⴷ ⴰⵊⴹⴰⵔ. this guy has no idea how to even make a good army.
The point is that axes are worse than jarids in terms of damage usually, but the destroying shield feat of the axes is usually also worthy... have you tried those nords against the rodhok champs? In floris rhodok I generrally go with the crossbowmen and drop the footmen cause the crossbows dont need anything in skillpoints and you basically gt the same guy, but with a crossbow as secondary instead of a pike xD The most OP range troop ive seen was in Fantasy Calradia, the rifle dwarfes xD But there you can also use magic, so... is not anywhere near balanced xD
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How to build the best army: Swadian Knights. Lots of Swadian Knights.
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Billy Bob
Mortjep9531 Still works :/
+Mortjep9531 Yeah, i'm using the default game configurations, i didn't change them.
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I like the Swadian Knights, they truly are beasts on battlefield, though they're not perfect. They have their cons too, like the fact that you really need a plain field for them to be effective (if you have the bad luck to get into a hill/mountain field in a battle like near Ruvar while hunting sea raiders you're screwed) and they're quite expensive (not as expensive as Mercenary Cavalry but still expensive). For cavalry I usually look for bandits/taiga bandits/sea raiders etc. that have Manhunters as prisoners, I hire the prisoners and make them into Slaver Chiefs. Those guys are true money makers, you just go hunt sea raiders and taiga bandits, let the slaver chiefs do their jobs and knock unconscious the living shit out of them, then you sell them at Slave Traders. This way you can easily get like 100k denars in like 150 days and also have high quality gear for you and your companions. I also like to send every companion I can get to get me right to rule points because that way I can get to like 50 points and when you start your own kingdom you'll not be at war with everybody. After you start your kingdom you need to take it easier on recruiting cavalry and start looking for troops to garrison your towns&castles and troops for taking other towns&castles. Best troops for garrison in my opinion are the Rhodok Sharpshooters. Cheap and effective, put 200 of them in your town and you'll never lose it. You can also use them to siege castles, but they're not exceptional at close combat (even though they're quite good at it compared to archery units that use bows). For storming castles I choose either the Huscarls (they're beasts too, but it takes a lot of time to get them) or the Rhodok Sergents (they're very good at close combat and you can use them on battlefields too, thought I believe they don't have the HP and Armor as big as the Huscarls, they do have polearms and I honestly don't know how they manage to do it but in close combat they swing those goddamn glaives up and down and give a shitload of damage; they also have board shields which are very good while you're attacking a castle). Usually I go for a maximum of 120 cavalry (since I don't get to have parties bigger than 150), 200 sharpshooters and 150 rhodok sergents or nord huscarls garrisoned in towns. P.S.: Thanks for reading this, I know it's long and boring and most likely everyone does the things I just said :D
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Gowan Plett
Thoregor Thanks for posting. I'm making a shit load of money now doing what you said. I just wish I would have invested in more charisma for more prison management lol.
superb writeup, many thanks
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Daniel Tchernov
Gaming coach  (Bo?) the rhodok spear men can use their spears to stop ur fancy knights from attackings use a mix of infantry cavalry and archers
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Svend Svin
lol no
Milen Yotov
Rhodoks have longer spears / voulges by default sometimes. Big factor in keeping cavalry at range and holding them in one place.
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why does this guy sound like he just jerked off 12 times lol
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Milen Yotov
lmao this made meh day
אוריאל פרנקל
Well said kumori Well said
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I bought this game few days ago via Steam sale, then I immediately downloaded Gekokujo mod. this looks nice as well actually.
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Try FLORIS!!! Floris is the most complete shit ive ever seen
100 Subs!
I hope you guys have tried Anno Domini 1257 mod. Cause otherwise, you haven't really played M&B yet :)
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Jason Frontor
Best combo i have used Nord Infantry Swadian Cav Rhodock Crossbows (preferably sharpshooters because they can Melee decently)
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YUP!!! Cause thats the best unit of each type... specially using Floris
Jason Frontor
+caleb boam Yeah but whenever I used Vaiger archers they got fucked in Sieges, the Rhodock Sharpshooters are hands down the best in Siege Defenses/Attacks. At least from my experience they are.
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no love for mamelukes?
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+Avehandvids lol Mameluke are the best good armor best weapon best horses they are best then swadian knight :D
yeah but your army is cold and unfeeling mamelukes on the other hand are fuzzy and warm on the inside
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Some Glitch happens where I attacked a bandit camp and it spawned hundreds upon hundreds of bandits, and It only spawned six of my Swadian Knights. We killed hundreds before we went down.
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Mike H bro this is a 3 month old conversation
Mike H
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