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Published on May 17, 2010

Draenei Lore, wearing shiny pants!
(Im not sure how better to describe this) :P

This song is available for download at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/greyfoo
(also iTunes, etc -- just search for Greyfoo)

I was halfway through recording this on the old PC (with ProTools LE) when I shelved it for Scarlet Toy, then decided to overhaul and upgrade my entire music studio/DAW-thingy. This meant I had to learn from scratch once more, but I doooo love Logic Pro Studio.

Exodar Disco has a lot of audio files from the old sessions, combined with newer stuff created on the Mac. I guess its been a fickle indulgence while Ive been educating myself. Again :P

While all this was happening, I discovered the awesomeness that is Emberisolte (see Youtube user EmberIsolte). I sent her a hello and asked if shed like to try a vocal spot sometime, and luckily she agreed - she loves the Draenei so it was meant to be!

Also upgraded to Sony Vegas Pro (inspired by Disani/Ravensylphe, who produces machinima for Ember, among other things - see YouTube user RavensylpheG). Gone are the days of Windows Movie Maker (although I shall remember them fondly, all you Spacebar Clowns!). I use a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop for the additional graphics (like the cockpit HUD or disco backgrounds), but it's Sony Vegas Pro that does all the magic layering them together.

So lots of shiny new buttons to press! Lots of overcooked silliness! Laser-Chickens in a spaceship! Did you recognise the three-note Sci-fi shoutout at the start of the song, before you heard the final two notes in the sequence at the end? (No, its not the Bananaphone song.)

And then there's the The Barrens Brothers, Porterhouse and Monty, my imaginary Country & Western Hordies. For some reason, they took on a life of their own while I was CGI-ing them into the clip, we might see more of them in future!



Captains Log: the liberation of Starship Exodar brings new hope to all Draenei. Our mission - to search the dimensions for new allies against the Burning Crusade.

Comrade Draenei, this is Space Commander Velen, Prophet. I forsee the destruction of Illidan and his demonic legion... with music.

Far out in hyperspace,
'til they crash their crate into this place
stuck in a foreign land,
Draenei join the alliance band

i've been to their town, it kinda gets me down
'cos there ain't nothing here,
except this talking chandelier

(But I have a plan...)

I think Exodar should be a disco,
(Moodlights, grooves, and a glitterball) oh yeah!
I think Exodar should be a disco
(So grab a spacegoat and get ouuut on the floor!
Oh yeah ... mmm, make it so!

Heroes you must understand one thing:
We will not defeat Illidan with a waltz.
So, bust me some moves, that's an order.

There's certain sex appeal,
to a horny babe with built-in heels,
and I'd give an arm or two,
to share some cosmic rendezvous,
but I've been to their place,
such a sad disgrace,
they can't be happy here,
with just this talking chandelier

(Country and Western is NOT an option)

I think Exodar should be a disco,
(Moodlights, grooves, and a glitterball) oh yeah!
I think Exodar should be a disco
(So grab a spacegoat and get ouuut on the floor!
Oh yeah ... mmm, make it so!

Hero use these sequins wisely.
Many lives were lost to bring you these tab collars.
When I asked if you had BeeGee experience,
I wasn't talking about PvP!

(When I see her friendly face,
I forget she's a goat from outer space)

(chorus out)



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