A Jonas Brothers Love Story chapter 21





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Uploaded on Mar 2, 2009

Wow. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.
-End Joe's POV-

-Kevin's POV-
I woke up the next day after they had all gone to school. Again, I was happy I had convinced my parents to let me stay home instead of going back to collage for the 2nd semester. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. It was about 12 when someone knocked on the door. I was grateful that I had gotten dressed before coming downstairs. I went to the door and opened it. "Hey"
Kat: Hi. I was just wondering if you wanted to go get lunch or something?
Why not? "Sure. Let me go get my wallet" I grabbed my wallet and put it in my back pocket. "Did you have a place in mind?"
Kat: Well.. I wanted to check out that salad place.
"Yeah. That salad place just opened about a week ago. I'd like to go see it."
Kat: Cool.
She led the way there. I sort of watched her most of the way. Her dark hair swayed as she walked and was very distracting. I wondered if it was a soft as it looked, and then shook my head a little in an effort t clear it.
Kat: Inside or out?
"Out. It's a nice day." She smiled when I said that. I liked that. Her smile was so beautiful. She had a dimple on her right cheek. I had to stop myself from reaching up and stroking her cheek. What is the matter with me? No girl had ever had this much pull on me! Then she turned and told the waiter we wanted a table outside. We were led out there... and again her hair distracted me. I was thinking maybe I could make it seem like an accident and just brush it with me hand? Just to see if it really was as silky as it seemed.
Kat: *starts moving to pull a chair out for herself*
I was there in a second. I pulled it out for her, taking her slightly by surprise. But.. I got what I wanted and she smiled at me again. Her green eyes sparkled with her smile. Then she sat down and her hair fell over my hands. I immediately regretted making the decision to touch it. Now that I had, I wanted to run my hands through it. But, I just let go of the chair and sat down opposite her.

We ordered our salads and started talking while waiting for them to come. I told her about my family. I was just starting the story about the time I had hidden under Joe's bed 1 night and pretended to be the boogeyman when the waitress came back with our food.
Kat: So... Joe was just coming in....
Now that the waitress was gone, her eyes had softened a little and she had a small half smile playing on her lips. "Right... So he's about to pull on his PJ pants when I talk. In a really scary voice. Nearly jumped out of his skin as he ran for it. He shrieked so loud that I could have sworn it echoed!"
She laughed. Oh wow that's a beautiful laugh. Like a choir of bells. "So mom brought him back in and he made her check under the bed for the boogeyman. Obviously, I was back in my room by then though. So everyone thought he had imagined it." I laughed with her this time. Her eyes were dancing with laughter. Right then, the cloud finally moved and the sun came out. It was warmer with sun on my skin. Then I looked up at Kat again. Her eyes. They were like emeralds. No.. even better. Imagine the most beautiful jewel in the world... her eyes were even more beautiful than that.
Kat: What are you staring at?
I forced my eyes back to my salad. "Nothing"
Kat: Really? You had seemed rather entranced.
I peeked up at her and saw the laughter in her eyes, even though she had sounded serious. Wow. Those eyes. I smiled at her when she caught me staring this time.

Kat: Ready to go back? They should all be getting home from school soon.
I hadn't even noticed how much time had passed wince we had gotten here. 3 hours?? Wow. I pulled out a 20 and put it on the table. "Ready" I looked up and saw her brush her hair over her shoulder before she moved to get up. Again, I was already at her chair. I pulled it back for her, feeling that soft, silky hair flow across my hands as she got up. We walked back to my house, and I was distracted by her again. This time, not her hair... her eyes. And each time she looked over at me and saw I was still staring, I just smiled. She always smiled back and then looked back in front of her. "Want to come in?" We had already gotten to my house, but I wasn't ready to say goodbye to her just yet. "I'm sure They will bring your sisters here again."
Kat: *smiles* Alright. Got any cookies left?
I looked at her, her eyes looked hopeful. She really was very easy to read. Like her eyes opened right into her soul... to tell me exactly what she was thinking. "Yeah. Want some?"
Kat: Yes please.
She followed me to the kitchen and I poured her a glass of milk for dunking. I got myself a glass and grabbed some cookies too. I looked up and saw she was staring at me. We both froze. I leaned forward a little... and then the door slammed open.
-End Kevin's POV-


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