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Uploaded on Aug 5, 2009

With this short video, we conclude our "good stuff from the Volcano" guide. But, I saved the best for last.
The first part of this video is pretty self explanatory. I am just gathering at three mining spots. Now, in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, you could get Ruststones and Firestone at the second spot I gather at. In Unite however, it seems that only the first and third spot I gather at will yield them. I had 21 various Ruststones when I made this video, and I didn't get a single one from spot number two. I could have just been unlucky there, so I included it anyway. Just know that you can definitely get them from spot 1 and 3 (as I do in the video). You can only mine Rainbow Ore at the third spot.

Now, the next segment deals with polishing.
Once you've gathered enough various Ruststones (there are 5 different ones), you can start taking them to the craftsman. I start by showing my Ruststones. I have a good amount because I have been farming like mad between videos. You can have a lot less and still do this, even one will work. This method simply takes some guesswork out. Next , I go to the craftsman. Then I tell him to "Create Weapon". Each Ruststone represents a different class:
Flat Ruststone = Great Sword, Small Ruststone = Sword and Shield, Large Ruststone = Hammer, Rustone Rod = Lance, and just plain old Ruststone is a Light Bowgun (Demonlock).
These will be represented with question marks in the "Create Weapon" menus. Have him create a weapon from each stone while counting. I represent this in the video with a counter. When you get a Rusted weapon (or Demonlock), stop. (See below so you don't waste your Ruststones!) Subtract ONE from your total weapons created, and do that many quests. In my case, I had to do 7 quests because I created 8 weapons. After you do this amount of quests, creating any weapon from a Ruststone will yield a Rusted weapon (or Demonlock) on the first try.
Here is what you do to not waste all the Ruststones you made into common weapons.
1 - Save before creating.
2 - Create weapons as described above.
3 - Return to your bed and push square.
4 - Choose "No", hit x, "Yes", hit x, "Exit without saving?", hit x.
5 - Do your set number of quests and score your Rusted weapon.

Whew. If you need more clarification, refer to this guide:


It may explain it better than I did.
As for which Rusted weapons are good, here's my take. Eternal Strife comes from Small Ruststone, and it's awesome for the Elder Dragons.
All Kushala Daora melee weapons come from Ruststones, and they are all Ice element. They're all pretty good, and if you want them, this is the only way to get them. The Light Bowgun (Demonlock) is rubbish. Don't bother.

Music by Son of Sam from "Into the Night" with the track entitled "Suffer".


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