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Published on Nov 13, 2013

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Canker sores refer to a condition where the mouth gets open sores that are painful. Normally, the sores are yellow or white in color and they are surrounded by a predominant red area that is usually bright.

However, a good number of people confuse canker sores to the fever blisters. Fever blisters are at times known as cold sores and they are quite different from canker sores. Scientifically, this condition is referred to as alphthous stomatitis. When you to any physician, they would term it as mouth cancer. This is because it results in the repeated causation of ulcers in the mouth of an individual. Not only does it cause the ulcers, it also causes benign. Having said that, what are the various causes of canker sores?

-The relationship between canker sores and stress.
- Canker sores and smoking.
- Kissing and canker sores
- Dipping and canker sores
- Pregnancy and canker sores
- Sugar and canker sores
- Canker sores and antibiotics
- Canker sores and braces
- Canker sores and your tooth

What is a canker sore? That is the question on the minds of people who suffer from them.
Well lets start with the correct medical term for a "canker sore" the medical name for this is called a Aphthous Ulcer, canker sores can form at any time during your life, these are very painful ulcers that form in and around the mouth, tounge, cheeks and lips.
The symptoms of a canker sore (Aphthous Ulcer), they are red in colour and usually very sore and painful, small in diameter, about 1mm in size but sometimes up to 10mm. A canker sore is not a form of infection nor is it contagious, in general they burst within a few day's and they usually appear when you cause injury to the mouth, like bitting your inner cheeks or cutting your gums, they also can appear after dental teatment.
Canker sores are very uncomfortable and irratating things, when they have burst they then turn a yellow colour. Once they have burst they become a open ulcer and are painful, they are oval shaped and can appear almost any were, but more common inside of the mouth. There is still no real medical explanation for a canker sore, so there is no 100% answer to what is a canker sore only the research i have done here. Research also suggestes it could be something to do with lack of vitamins like B-12, so make sure you eat healthy and this will prevent them from returning.
So that is my take on what a canker sore is, more information on how to get rid of a canker sore fast. Good Luck!

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